I made every block extremely slippery in Minecraft...
I made every block in Minecraft act like it is extremely slippery. I coded it so that the ice physics that count for ice blocks, work on every single block in the game. And not just that, but I made it way more extreme... This was insane! I really hope you enjoyed this one, as it took a long time to make. So if you want me to do a "Minecraft but..." challenge on this, let me know!
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  • mekare19

    4:23 to 4:42 I'M DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Tubbo tommyinnit

    7:30 lululululu

  • Wolfy Wolf
    Wolfy Wolf

    Can you do. A tutorial pls



  • Martipan :_bh
    Martipan :_bh

    Tokyo drift

  • Jolex pro
    Jolex pro

    De ja oo i love runin on streets before higher from the street

  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen

    0:54 Nobody: Me: *More detail*

  • Gerard Henry Singson
    Gerard Henry Singson

    Fundy: are the other mobs work too the other mobs: deja vu drift

  • Muhammad Abdillah Puruhita
    Muhammad Abdillah Puruhita

    That is 360

  • Fmc Bones
    Fmc Bones

    Yeaaaaaaaa 4:23

  • Marvel Minecrafter
    Marvel Minecrafter

    8:12 the pillager is not aimbotting to 360.. .. Hes just have a nice gaming chair

  • polar cub
    polar cub

    boat be zooming lol TvT

  • karkkimies

    This made my day

  • Andera Singletary
    Andera Singletary

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  • Darbatama

    Imagine spinning like that In vr

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen

    i just realized... does fundy have jotaros outfit

  • Evelyn Menzhuber
    Evelyn Menzhuber

    It shouldn’t be too haAnother thing I haven’t tried...

  • Musaab waqas
    Musaab waqas

    He be like this video: ⊂_ヽ   \\ _    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2    

  • Robert Biason
    Robert Biason

    Ur a Fox Jotaro BRUH

  • Snissassa

    Minecraft manhunt but everything is ice

  • dawid beTon
    dawid beTon

    this mod + /effect @s speed 100 150 = ?

  • •TwT Girl•
    •TwT Girl•

    U should trap the creeper with the cat and spin them 😂

  • LittleRedfoxYT

    The baby zombies are just built different


    epic horse drift

  • チェリーミルクセーキ

    minecraft but every mod is in speedrun mode

  • Leonardo Prat
    Leonardo Prat

    Remember 7:20

  • James Jov
    James Jov

    maybe boat would OP

  • GamerForHD

    i can race with an item

  • Leonardo Hernandez
    Leonardo Hernandez

    1:50 Fridays be like

  • Imran Imran
    Imran Imran


  • James Loader
    James Loader

    Get a rest man

  • Alone

    Pls i i want play thiissd linkmor something pls

  • RockyJax7

    I can’t even play Minecraft if I did that

  • RockyJax7

    The pillager was hacking

  • svetli1982


  • ShowMeSomethingRandom

    4:59 it seems that you have no idea what tf2's melee registration looks like

  • S X I X M X P
    S X I X M X P

    this is ice boat travel in 9.10 minecraft

  • EEgamer _
    EEgamer _

    Blocks are enteties

  • ProudYEET2481

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  • Kuky 08
    Kuky 08

    7:30 Ooooooohh I need this😂🤣

  • Finlay Anderson
    Finlay Anderson

    3:50 soooo funny

  • Funrollercoaster606YT

    ? Edit; totorial very “ fundy “

  • ArfanZachh

    i WoNdEr If It WoRkS oN wAtEr

  • sharp teeth
    sharp teeth

    4:06-5:01 when you play brawl stars solo showdown and there are 64 power cubes in the center

  • blake scroggie
    blake scroggie

    Gas gas gas meme intensifies

  • deleon 5630
    deleon 5630

    the spiders lol

  • willowhazel_

    *Who’s just tryna drift with this for no reason?*

  • M1kÆL Mu554
    M1kÆL Mu554

    Alt title: Minecraft lost friction

  • Andrei Dinolan
    Andrei Dinolan

    DAT dude has aim bot

  • Beckett Boone
    Beckett Boone

    8:22 SH*T RUN

  • edu



    4:44 XD 7:23 XD XD XD

  • WkeyEnqu

    Just a tad bit late here, but I think I know what is causing the issue with the items sliding forever. When you throw items in minecraft they obviously move, so they have momentum. This would cause them to slide forever on ice with no friction because they landed with their initial momentum. A potential fix for this would be disabling the blocks movement temporarily after they land.

  • Dream


  • Razvan Coding
    Razvan Coding

    4:40 cars on ice

  • Razvan Coding
    Razvan Coding

    How to make this CODE DUH

  • Gamer Plays yt
    Gamer Plays yt

    Im a furry :3

  • Kozuriこずり_

    7:23 You spin me right round baby right rough like we maybe being right round right round You spin me right round baby right rough like we maybe being right round right round You spin me right round baby right rough like we maybe being right round right round You spin me right round baby right rough like we maybe being right round right round You spin me right round baby right rough like we maybe being right round right round

  • Pegasus Gaming
    Pegasus Gaming

    Do it on an ice world

  • beso robaqidze
    beso robaqidze

    block:im faster than u! horse:no im faster! boat:amateurs

  • Danniel Templado
    Danniel Templado

    Bruhhhhh i laughed soo much in this video

  • • I Am Rat •
    • I Am Rat •

    Why do you look like Jotaro Kujo as a fox?

  • Shai Arnold
    Shai Arnold

    my biggest fear 4:14

  • Vynsert

    1:16 Hmmmm I wonder if that changed something because that value literally says slipperiness. *what did you expect*

  • Anna Hernandez Rose
    Anna Hernandez Rose

    does it work just search up what he used

  • Evan Man
    Evan Man

    the villagers: you spin me right round baby right round

  • jaime Monague
    jaime Monague

    In the dream SMP your not nice to swear all the time I unsubscribed I know that sounds good because I hate you and a I don't want to see you ever again I think you should get exiled yeah that's what I think and I know you're thinking you already have enough subscribers for you to not to care so now I just think that you should get exiled to saying okay that's what I think because since Tommy and they got exiled before I think you should because you swore so much in the dream is smp okay I just think you should get

  • ẗ̸͇́ĭ̷̤m̵͉͌k̷͚͂ŭ̵̗l̵̬̇s̸̟̏l̵͆͜o̸ 2̶̲̈́0̵̹̍1̴͍͛9̵̜̉
    ẗ̸͇́ĭ̷̤m̵͉͌k̷͚͂ŭ̵̗l̵̬̇s̸̟̏l̵͆͜o̸ 2̶̲̈́0̵̹̍1̴͍͛9̵̜̉

    I have really GOOD idea use debug stick But with this mod or app or script

  • Erik Pettersson
    Erik Pettersson


  • Tyler Crum
    Tyler Crum

    spider drift's

  • Mr Fantastic 7
    Mr Fantastic 7

    Just one question. Whhhyyyy?

  • Linox

    i lost it completely at the boat part xDDDD

  • Scp 7777
    Scp 7777

    Nobody Items: make a run for it

  • Storm Kelder
    Storm Kelder

    Like als je nederlands bent op deze rea

  • Morosan Dominik
    Morosan Dominik

    7:40 is a normal day fundy idk i make it more coller

  • angrey eggplant with a gun
    angrey eggplant with a gun


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    Sanari Ismail

    *Who needs Deja Vu anymore this is the most beautiful song*

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    Put the mod in the description

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    milette ceballos

    Fucking hell

  • narcisa Vizitiu
    narcisa Vizitiu

    omg when the mobs start slipping like cRAzY

  • MaxAK Gaming
    MaxAK Gaming

    Me: do you get motion sick? Friend: yeah, why? Me: watch this-7:20

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    3:50 u crazy or adhd?

  • Aaron Sorkin
    Aaron Sorkin

    Try to beat Minecraft with it

  • Fine Voran
    Fine Voran

    4:59 DiEiEİEİEİiEİEİİEİEiiİEiiİEieieieie

  • OfficialOof plays
    OfficialOof plays

    1:06 you could just make a mod right?

  • Layden Marcell
    Layden Marcell

    is you skin jotaro or...

  • A Really Original Name
    A Really Original Name

    5:32 I’m not even facing him! I’m not even facing him! *is facing him*

  • Violet Hanley
    Violet Hanley

    fundy: here is a tutorial how to do it me: "they ask you how your fine and but your not really fine and you just have to admit"

  • Sydney Alvaro wijaya
    Sydney Alvaro wijaya

    give the link pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • the great clumzy wolf
    the great clumzy wolf

    Why did I see bruh in the coding

  • Pollen Haze
    Pollen Haze

    These spinning villagers look like Lidar sensors lol

  • william siri
    william siri

    its not wild its lovely i looked it on google

  • DanteCrack250

    7:32 the villager is dizzy idk my mother is as google translate

    • DanteCrack250

      8:14 everyone is dizzy

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki


  • Baal 125_3yt
    Baal 125_3yt

    a minecraft extra hard mode mod: 4:16

  • Sarah Myers
    Sarah Myers

    1:41 he said mobs 2 times lol 😝

  • Redex007

    I want this mod

  • candace james
    candace james

    I play Minecraft

  • Rosa Espinoza
    Rosa Espinoza

    Fundy: I made every block extremely slippery in Minecraft... baby zombie: UNTALENTED POWER FOR YOU. I CAN RUN AT THE SPEED OF 100,000,0000 MILS PR HOUR

  • Frosty Storm224
    Frosty Storm224

    4:50 *starts engine* *GOES FULL THROTTLE* i wish i could do a good engine sound for it but you have to do it for yourself ;)