I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft...
I decided to make your dumb ideas in Minecraft, and here's what you came up with. I am not proud of you. Video heavily inspired by Michael Reeves. You're awesome.
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So I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft... Now while this is not a fundy Difficulty, or a Minecraft, but video, I think it was still funny and enjoyable to watch. I hope you enjoyed it!
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  • Fundy

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    • aarushthebigbest B
      aarushthebigbest B

      I heet you

    • Merrick Warren
      Merrick Warren

      Dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it

    • Risalie Chandra
      Risalie Chandra

      Wow it's fundy

    • Eji Putra
      Eji Putra


    • Triplets Plushie Adventures
      Triplets Plushie Adventures

      Bruh I'm already subscribed

  • Leo ingvarsson
    Leo ingvarsson

    You forget to blow up all end crystals

  • Star :D
    Star :D

    Make a club 🤣

  • GONK Droid
    GONK Droid

    Minecraft but its Titan fall 2

  • nice guy
    nice guy

    Fundy more like Minecraft Michael Reeves

  • Dylan Swart
    Dylan Swart

    Now I know why big Q has lots of coco beans

  • Aishaa Ali
    Aishaa Ali

    I have fungi

  • Aishaa Ali
    Aishaa Ali

    I miss fundy

  • Annie Gayes
    Annie Gayes

    I miss fundy

    • Annie Gayes
      Annie Gayes


    • Annie Gayes
      Annie Gayes

      If actually missed

  • Markix

    he's adapting the ways of Michael Reeves

  • Vincent Lovecchio
    Vincent Lovecchio

    11:25 Account deleted

  • Vincent Lovecchio
    Vincent Lovecchio

    Minecraft but with more potions. my idea

  • Username Not found
    Username Not found

    Minecraft but you can give foxes guns

  • Kendall Bird
    Kendall Bird

    My the only one who can’t stop watching the end with the hearts taking damage it sounds so good

  • • Verdalisha •
    • Verdalisha •


  • Tau 55 In NC
    Tau 55 In NC

    Can you do: Netherite Sword Sharpness MMXXI

  • Gaming with bloodborn3
    Gaming with bloodborn3

    So what is this a Michael reeves video?

  • Matthew Evander Thirtabrata
    Matthew Evander Thirtabrata

    its the michael revees of mincraft

  • Ian Torca Chaves
    Ian Torca Chaves

    Speedrun minecraft in minecraft

  • DJIL2011

    the Nether-Lands

  • Alok Kumar Srivastava
    Alok Kumar Srivastava


    • Alok Kumar Srivastava
      Alok Kumar Srivastava


  • Alok Kumar Srivastava
    Alok Kumar Srivastava

    Mc but u can do But its Skyblox but U CAN POOP

  • Marko Borković
    Marko Borković

    Minecraft but you can pee

  • Clyde Mascarenhas
    Clyde Mascarenhas

    minecraft but every block is a youtuber

  • im new to this thing
    im new to this thing

    Your a fox technoblade is a pig where's chicken man

  • AnthonyVin3 Games
    AnthonyVin3 Games

    8:23 I can relate

  • Aaryav shah
    Aaryav shah

    I'm is fundy

  • Hyperdynamite

    love from india we will support you

  • Micaiah Murphy
    Micaiah Murphy

    11:05 is hardcore turned up to 200000

  • dr demon
    dr demon

    When is ' I married dream pt2' coming

  • Felipe Muñoz
    Felipe Muñoz

    you took a little inspiration of michael, huh? whatever nice video

  • The Prince of Magic
    The Prince of Magic

    Fundy is the Michael Reeves in Minecraft

  • American Mason
    American Mason

    is this guy famly freindly?

  • Cody Hsu
    Cody Hsu


  • Miss axolotl
    Miss axolotl

    Make ur own mod on the dream smp and make it stupid

  • Bailey Martin
    Bailey Martin

    TommyInnit has all the grapchics

  • Zaiga34_ LiamAiden
    Zaiga34_ LiamAiden

    What about every time you mine your heart muntiplys

  • Christian Dave Guce
    Christian Dave Guce

    i kind of want to have the forever alonem od in my minecraft so i wont be worried when im afk i wont die to anything LOL wait how about projectiles tho...ahhh sh**

  • modded-gamer 72
    modded-gamer 72

    Fundy: *dances with creepers * My thoughts: imagine the forever alone just... Disabled

    • Ehryn Pants
      Ehryn Pants

      oh no

  • gold luco
    gold luco


  • gold luco
    gold luco

    Fundyyyy I miss you and I love you and your name is great ♥️❤️♥️🧡💛🦊🦊🦊🙂

  • gold luco
    gold luco

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • gold luco
    gold luco


  • gold luco
    gold luco

    🐝 beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • gold luco
    gold luco


  • gold luco
    gold luco

    We be dancing

  • gold luco
    gold luco

    I miss fundy

  • gold luco
    gold luco


  • Victoria De La Roche
    Victoria De La Roche

    Why ☹️

  • john Stansfield
    john Stansfield

    Do 100 days in Minecraft hardcore

  • Logan Piao
    Logan Piao

    I subbed

  • ꧁Me and my cat oreo :3 ꧂
    ꧁Me and my cat oreo :3 ꧂

    HEY OUR IDEAS ARENT DUMB well Most Are...

  • Samuel Segalla
    Samuel Segalla

    Minecraft but every block you break it drops randomly

  • Loki Bug
    Loki Bug

    I disliked the video unsubsribed and left right here 10:54

  • Charlie Field
    Charlie Field

    Hey fundy can you do minecraft but foxes spawns every time you step or brake a block

  • Sarcasm User
    Sarcasm User

    *Shift to Shit*

  • Kevin Wev
    Kevin Wev

    I miss fundy

  • Linda Magee
    Linda Magee

    I miss fundy

  • Kristina Roche
    Kristina Roche

    Fundy apparently you made this video 10 days after my b-day lol

  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen

    Minecraft but the ender dragon is a suck not chiken duck

  • Eva Crymble
    Eva Crymble

    Minecraft but u have to die to progress

  • Brookelynn Mutua
    Brookelynn Mutua

    6:24 when the teacher looks away for 0.5 seconds

  • Delphi Lestrange
    Delphi Lestrange

    Fundy is the secret love child of Seepykay

  • Dreamnotfound


  • infinity deve20
    infinity deve20

    L miss fundy

  • leafs

    0:10 hmmm.. that looks fimiliar to me

  • Jason Fairbrother
    Jason Fairbrother

    Minecraft except its in Harry potter

  • Muneeba Moola
    Muneeba Moola

    This is so funny!🤣😂

  • Jackson King
    Jackson King

    Idea make animals poop

  • On The Way Zen
    On The Way Zen

    Technobladd:u die Sam:stop ,let me stand like normal,no dance

  • G and A
    G and A

    You know what this is now my fav youtuber just bec of the chicken flying with magic

  • Saad's world
    Saad's world

    WHAT ABOUT doing alone forever part 2 + alone in the end LOL i want to see that but it will take 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years to do that

  • Scott Salinas
    Scott Salinas

    I hate u guys.

  • Gaming With Mario
    Gaming With Mario

    “every time you jump a cat die”. why would anyone would wanna see a animal they love die. why would I want a cat dying in my face while I love cats

  • ii_Wølfe Gacha
    ii_Wølfe Gacha

    E if you’re making a part 2 or a part 3 then.. make EVERY fox follow you and Make every mod that attacks u Dance uwu

  • D M
    D M

    tommy loves dream

  • Mystic_ Dragon
    Mystic_ Dragon

    When egg melts Fundy's PC but Philza's idea didn't Lolz

  • Ronan Finke
    Ronan Finke

    Fundy: minecraft but your forever alone Me: C O V I D

  • Cheeky

    i miss fundy

  • banana bread
    banana bread

    Should of made a giant bee

  • Red_Dragon_Gamer

    make it look 3d

  • Red_Dragon_Gamer

    i have an idea make a 3d cube using minecraft 2d no actual 3d

  • Louisa Magdalene Andrade Mallari
    Louisa Magdalene Andrade Mallari

    Its impossible to count how many times tommy swears

  • 彡stella._.ミ

    Why did no one ask for the minecraft sex mod 😭😭 guess we just have to wait for dream to make it 😔

  • Akariちゃん

    6:23 best cut scream ever

  • Fedrico Fernando.L
    Fedrico Fernando.L

    hm... When you sneak it dropped "why?" right? And it is cocoa beans. It will be funny if you use it to make cookie with it tho XD

  • Jenna Blackmon
    Jenna Blackmon

    NOOOOOOOO I missed the Youtooz T^T

  • minecraft

    ill just forget it i saw the dirt move

  • Marites Cabili
    Marites Cabili

    I miss fundy

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    Michael reeves?

  • Junhyeok Lee
    Junhyeok Lee

    Imagine that cat jumping with a parkour map

  • Junhyeok Lee
    Junhyeok Lee

    Yay a way to farm cocoa just by shifting

  • miasmommy c whitaker
    miasmommy c whitaker


  • Matthew Villalobos
    Matthew Villalobos

    Fack you

  • little games
    little games

    if yu do anything a fox dies. you know wat im takin about. :)

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari


  • Robo Woody
    Robo Woody

    That hurts

  • Jessica Haney
    Jessica Haney


    • Jessica Haney
      Jessica Haney


  • Spades

    Minecraft Michael reeves

  • eka saleh
    eka saleh

    I Missed Fundy

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