I made every block extremely slippery (ft. WilburSoot)
So I made every block extremely slippery in Minecraft. I've done this mod before, but this time I'll be playing with WilburSoot. I thought things would go smoothly, but that was absolutely not the case...
Twitch (I livestream stuff weekly): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
Twitter (video sneakpeeks): twitter.com/fundylive
Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb
Wilbur: bg-chat.info/nick/1n_PfsVqxllCcnMPlxBIjw.html
Original slippery video: bg-chat.info/cd/video/anSKeWhk25BjXZQ.html
Slippery mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/slippery-mod/
Creator (TurtyWurty): bg-chat.info/nick/icAXLV4w2X6bn2EuM4To4w.html
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Animal Crossing - K.K. Cruisin' True Remix
Cave Theme - The Legend of Zelda BOTW
Outro bg-chat.info/cd/video/gpOojIhjmNKLdZQ.html
#Fundy #Minecraft

  • womfy

    omg i remember when fundy wasn't on the dream smp and wus creepily chill

  • luna lazuli
    luna lazuli

    Oh god put a high level of potion of swiftness plus the highest level of speed from a beacon and you will become sonic

  • • BeeBee •
    • BeeBee •


  • Mrloekie RBLX
    Mrloekie RBLX

    ah yes, Wilbur svuhthf

  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen

    Alternative title: Me and my dad go ice skating

  • Troy Hildebrant
    Troy Hildebrant

    -200 celseus is an almost imediate death

  • Henley Moore
    Henley Moore


  • {Nightshade Wolfy }
    {Nightshade Wolfy }

    Everytime wilbur is in a video he always ends up working against the other person then goes begging to work with the other person lmaooo

  • Joey joeym4x_MODS
    Joey joeym4x_MODS

    Fundy make dream mode about dream✨

  • LavaMan

    it is hot on iceland

  • Choco The Gamer That Likes Snakes
    Choco The Gamer That Likes Snakes

    2 adult children being weird for 10 minutes

  • Avinash Sham Kumar
    Avinash Sham Kumar

    ur using muiticraft not minecraft

  • Kiwi Blox
    Kiwi Blox

    Wilber he is higher than you because he does more cocaine than you

  • Sienna_

    Wilbur: "You know what we call you in London?.......Wasteman"

  • Rai

    texture pack name?

  • rosie uwu
    rosie uwu

    Wait a damn- 9 months ago Wilber only had 23 subs

  • Fluffle Truffle
    Fluffle Truffle

    Is this Father-Son bonding?

  • The random kids :hi
    The random kids :hi

    The neeyther

  • suriati rashid
    suriati rashid

    is it fabric or forge ?

  • Puding

    I live in norway. Im not 400iq but i dont think the colder ther are you go faster 1:11

  • omegadagaz Ω/ᛞ
    omegadagaz Ω/ᛞ

    5:57 how you can do that

  • z z
    z z

    imagine EXTREMELY slippery camera dude

  • Nilla Rose
    Nilla Rose

    How can Wilbur think he’s cool if he doesn’t have a brain?

  • Akelander09

    This is litterly canada no joke freezing, slipperly and icey (fuck black ice) spruce trees uhh slipperly as shit

  • Stígur Vestri Þórisson
    Stígur Vestri Þórisson

    I wont take that as a offense ;-; -from iceland

  • Pisti

    if you find yourself on Pluto this tutorial is pretty useful


    “Donald Duck does NOT live here!” “Well if he did he’d fit in!”

  • MAX.H .T
    MAX.H .T

    they test the ice physics on ice

  • Sans The Skelerton
    Sans The Skelerton

    Fundy: Welcome to my Winter Wonderland

  • wilbur sootcase
    wilbur sootcase

    Alternative title: A musician and a furry experience Canada

  • Aaron Mania25
    Aaron Mania25

    Donald Duck dose not live here

  • Lucy Shutt
    Lucy Shutt

    Bruh BG-chat removed my subscription :(

  • Ganiz2

    Theres three things you need: 1. Spain 2. A wodden tent 3. Minecraft

  • Nitro

    Someone should make an animatic out of this.

  • VincentDaPro

    Get soul sand

  • Aesthetic Pickle
    Aesthetic Pickle

    me being in texas ;-;

  • AlfonsoEAB -
    AlfonsoEAB -

    did you meant neather not neeyter?

  • [Deleted Channel]
    [Deleted Channel]

    Fun Fact: Fundy is jotaro but a fox

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare

    why is this video so freaking funny

  • Mark Amgad
    Mark Amgad

    is this texture pack from the seventies??

  • Danielle Anginotti
    Danielle Anginotti

    Do that in gr8 Minecraft

  • Erin Collins
    Erin Collins

    What were you thinking when you said four utters

  • • Pinkwrist5 •
    • Pinkwrist5 •

    Oh hello there! I see you’ve visited my country! Welcome to Canada!

  • Aquafox 88
    Aquafox 88

    Fundy should have changed his skin to an arctic fox

    • MemeGodBoi

      Wow your brain works so much lol

  • zkiu

    what is the texture pack 🤔

  • william two
    william two

    23 subscribers, i cant 🤣

  • WilliamT

    'what if you live in a hot environment, do you get smarter?'

  • Sarah van den Berg
    Sarah van den Berg

    8:32 Me who lives near Groningen: *w h e e z e*

  • Emma Saralehto
    Emma Saralehto

    alternative title: two men experience winter in finland for the first time

  • Rayne Keanne Pangan
    Rayne Keanne Pangan

    slowness effect: *hi*

  • SSD Tokyo Ghoul
    SSD Tokyo Ghoul

    white album lol

  • Thadeus Martinez
    Thadeus Martinez

    jojo golden wind

  • Clara Bi-tch
    Clara Bi-tch


  • TheBlackRabbit UwU
    TheBlackRabbit UwU

    Father and son bonding time 🙂

  • ANDREI123

    9:37 my ears

  • Regina Martinez
    Regina Martinez

    You are such a liar that is not how you survive actually use your advice and i almost died

  • Καρολινα Γεωργιου
    Καρολινα Γεωργιου

    Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän = Danube steamship company captain (but in one word *i dont know why i wrote that*)

  • Jerome Badoraya
    Jerome Badoraya

    Wilbur soot is a lot of subscribe than fundy

  • Apexgamer83

    I love how he had a stack of cobble stone but still made a wood axa

  • duckiemad

    "people from hot countries are really smart" have you forgotten about australia lmao

  • Ching yiu Ho
    Ching yiu Ho

    The incompetent iron assembly start because orchid densply fetch abaft a quiet chronometer. concerned, cooperative decrease

  • Apple Dude
    Apple Dude

    Start repeatedly crouching

  • Cxrsed

    "This is Wilbur SOOTH"

  • Steve Radike
    Steve Radike

    im such a fan i memorized the squid song so here you go back when trees would never decay, sugar canes were only used for books there was only ever 1 type of tree, until notch announced the 1.2 and then suddenly, around the world everyone got excited, squids would be in minecraft 1.2 the squids are completely useless, just be glad its them not wolves spare a thought for the squids, when you build your waterfalls you drown them, stab them, watch them die whatd they do to you? spread the message around the world, squids are people too, oh yeah, squids are people too -this was supposed to be sung by one of young wilburs friends- when i started to play minecraft, squids had already been introduced they were boring, slow and not that easy to kill and the loot was frankly not that good but then you have to think about it, nobody loves them how must it feel to be so alone the squids are completely useless, just be glad its them not good spare a thought for the squids when you build your waterfalls you drown them, stab them, watch them die whatd they do to you? spread the message around the world, squids are people too, oh yeah, squids are people too somewhere deep in the ocean, some squids congregate to the ocean floor when a minecrafter comes down to see them, they immediately expect the worse to come but then the stranger starts to give the squids cakes and pork chops, suddenly they dont feel so alone

  • Zyno Noorlander
    Zyno Noorlander

    This is ice in Dutch: Ijs. Im Dutch btw

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane

    3 things you need in -200 degrees: 1: cottage 2: neeyther 3: don't forget 3

  • Tacos and more tacos
    Tacos and more tacos

    Cottaging=Cottaging is a gay slang term, originating from the United Kingdom, referring to anonymous sex between men in a public lavatory, or cruising for sexual partners with the intention of having sex ... Were u guys implying smthn here?

  • Banana kids
    Banana kids

    Locate : Netherlands FUNDY LIVES IN MC NETHER CONFIRMED?!?!?!? 😧😧😧

  • Jake Wardle
    Jake Wardle

    Fundy your using the faithful texture pack because i use it to

  • •Chaotic Kermit•
    •Chaotic Kermit•

    Wilber sooth ah yes my second favourite youtuber. Wilber sooth.

  • Slime_

    Alternative Title: Texas

  • Jennifer Kowalski
    Jennifer Kowalski

    im gonna talk dutch for the REST OF MY LIFE Just realized the location : ''Nederlands'' Yeaaaaaa

  • Zeldaシ

    Wilbur speaking dutch is the funniest shit ever

  • Joshua Russell
    Joshua Russell

    I atuly thout wilbur was a idiot but when I saw his vids omg he was my fav youtuber

  • frog grotto
    frog grotto

    Whenever wilbur is in someone else’s video he always manages to talk to the editor and try to get them to do something

  • Da Clone Boys
    Da Clone Boys

    at 4:29 says he doesnt like the sea, my last name is the sea😢

  • Fatma Salim
    Fatma Salim

    I try to join the discorde servere and I'm arabic I speaking arabic but. I know how to speak ingish but not very nice I'm Arabic girl Im one of your subscribers I'm 11years but I was scared and I lefte the servere 😳😅😓 but I play Minecraft

  • Daniel

    don't go in boats with mod on

  • Lindsay Green
    Lindsay Green

    Wilbur: "Dude, I would love to have utters with teeth on them, if I were a cow." Fundy: "I'm kinda weirded out right now." Wilbur: "No one would fuck with you, man." Fundy: "Yeah but like, out of disgust." 6:47

  • Reed Allen
    Reed Allen

    im glad Wilbur knows what a utter is because if he didnt i might need to remove them from this planet

  • MaiTrixz_ Kage
    MaiTrixz_ Kage

    no those are not the rule these are the rules 1# Build a home 2# get food and water and 3# dont be a dumbass

  • Brooklyn MacCormack
    Brooklyn MacCormack


  • hyper gaming
    hyper gaming

    Is these 1.16

  • Jan Pecháček
    Jan Pecháček

    Pretty sure you can't count to three *Laughs in valve can't count to three*

  • RodeoZ

    Wilbur sloof

  • Gunhead gaming
    Gunhead gaming

    The location is netherland 😂

  • Jean Samantha Esperas
    Jean Samantha Esperas


  • Wonpoodle

    9:55 ew grian stan /j

    • Wonpoodle

      says they grian stan

  • bets 69
    bets 69

    Ok there are So many FOOLs wilber is s fool and hes now a Nob hehe E F*K

  • bets 69
    bets 69

    Many FOOL'S dumB! and and X me spam dumb! Oof wilber dumb!! a FOOl wildumbber Suck at minecraft nah E ok

  • callsign meru
    callsign meru

    nobody: the subtitles:ah an asian man

  • k9ship2261

    3 things yo need: 1. Stop 2. Drop 3. Roll

  • Waaluigi Man
    Waaluigi Man

    "Prepare for this to get very gay"

    • Waaluigi Man
      Waaluigi Man


    • Faby Duarte
      Faby Duarte

      _It's Alabama time_

  • LaserFoxPro

    If you jump you don’t slide, you can jump to stop

  • Optimium

    Alternative title: Two canadian men try to migrate to arizona

  • Nova_Plays

    I just realized funny has the jotaro stuff on

  • Flaminhood


  • Piper Mahon
    Piper Mahon

    3:06 canadians be like HOW DA- oh sorry about that, were all good.

  • Ok

    Aw man. I wanted them to go get some neeytherrite

  • Charles B.
    Charles B.

    fundy? more like funky

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