I made every block extremely slippery (ft. WilburSoot)
So I made every block extremely slippery in Minecraft. I've done this mod before, but this time I'll be playing with WilburSoot. I thought things would go smoothly, but that was absolutely not the case...
Twitch (I livestream stuff weekly): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
Twitter (video sneakpeeks): twitter.com/fundylive
Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb

Wilbur: bg-chat.info/nick/1n_.html...

Original slippery video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BVE5...

Slippery mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...
Creator (TurtyWurty): bg-chat.info/nick/icA.html...

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Animal Crossing - K.K. Cruisin' True Remix
Cave Theme - The Legend of Zelda BOTW
Outro www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...

  • Blocky Bean
    Blocky Bean

    I just realized fundy is wearing Jotaro's clothes

  • ĀppłeMøøn

    Am I the only woman who watch’s this man

  • The Saucy Spatula
    The Saucy Spatula

    *laughs in 400 IQ Australia*

  • Floof God
    Floof God

    Funny should play subnatica

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    {Not a Ship}

    😂😂 somehow I followed you on twitter but wasn't subscribed to you but don't worry now I am!!!

  • Im a Goat Yumm
    Im a Goat Yumm

    When ur name means ocean: 😭fundy doesnt like me But also: ✋🙄 i have the power to make fundy give me his money

  • HeavyGamer 10
    HeavyGamer 10

    im not dumb

  • Aidan Driscoll
    Aidan Driscoll

    "all the people in hot places are really smart..." Florida man: I'ma just pretend i didn't hear that

  • Sophie Not so Savage
    Sophie Not so Savage

    father-son time :D

  • Terashi

    "I don't need to think." - Wilber Soot

  • Egg

    1. Cottage 2. Neeyther? 3. I don’t know what a 3 is man I only have a crayon l’manburg suit

  • SadieM777

    This is making me feel better after balling my eyes out

  • monke_tag_GOD

    ‘Prepare for this to be very gay’ My parents when my life began

  • naomilazarus

    Wilber sothhhohthh

  • Wolfy._TheImpostorUwU.-

    10:20 was my favorite part 😆

  • Meo Braithwaite
    Meo Braithwaite

    fAtHeR aNd A sOn

  • muzamil Tahiri
    muzamil Tahiri

    Dragon city has added you in the game play it!!!

  • Carter Wegman
    Carter Wegman

    6:32 gets a little weird

  • Daniel Mateo Riveros Restrepo
    Daniel Mateo Riveros Restrepo

    I like how this was filmed in the netherlands

  • Noah hi
    Noah hi

    Just glad it’s them not wolves “wolf barks” Wilbur and fundy if they noticed it I would think they would laugh a lot

  • Brad Dutot
    Brad Dutot

    It is my second day of learning dutch and i already can pronounce sentences and it is his tenth month MONTH Of learning dutch and he can not say any thing 🤭🤫

  • spinzel

    this video went from trying not to slip all over the place to a stampy vs ballistic squid build battle

  • avocado dragonfruit
    avocado dragonfruit

    why does he have google earth pro?

  • Kwong Zhi Ning
    Kwong Zhi Ning

    Imma need the link for the texture pack now

  • Tito

    Fundy do you have good fhaters day

  • Epic_Nikothegreat

    0:04 the baby be like : weeeeeeeeee

  • Jayden Chua
    Jayden Chua

    Willbur didn't realize that wooden axe is the sam damage as diamond sword! Is a fact

  • Googlelos

    We will build a wall to block out the sun and the sun will pay for it- Fundy while playing the TRUMPet

  • ItzzzRoan

    Yo hollander

  • Rocket Gaming
    Rocket Gaming

    Im irish and im looking at trump in 310 kelvins weather and me in 280 kelvins weather and im considering the temperature - iq thing is not exactly accurate

  • Ninah Murray
    Ninah Murray

    10:23 Just for me to remember lol

  • xXFiishySociiety Xx
    xXFiishySociiety Xx

    Can I play Roblox with you

  • DanCz

    This should be the apocolypse mod!

  • flower_moongalaxy

    Son/daughter and father

  • Colorraze

    If you don’t know what the neeyther means it is nether fundy is just saying it in a stupid way

  • Funtime Fox
    Funtime Fox


  • Thomas Dionne
    Thomas Dionne

    im dutch

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    Fundy:the neeyther Captions:they didn’t ate their dog

  • EmoPuffman

    Just a little Father and Son bonding time

  • 🅱️idat Tree
    🅱️idat Tree


  • BluetheRaptor

    wow he didn't watch the video

  • Clare Sayes
    Clare Sayes

    Father and son bonding time

  • MCisAwesome 95
    MCisAwesome 95

    "Squids are people too." Wilbur, you just made the entire Splatoon community very happy

  • Smokey_

    Note to self: never let Wilbur be a cow

  • Melonation

    I feel like all youtubers dropout of college

    • Ela L
      Ela L

      Shut it

  • Dragon Lord9385
    Dragon Lord9385

    Wolves aren't people either, Fundy

  • Jón Björgvin Gestsson
    Jón Björgvin Gestsson


  • Jón Björgvin Gestsson
    Jón Björgvin Gestsson

    I’m icland

  • Chara

    But Is the lava slippery?

  • Maxwell Pekich
    Maxwell Pekich

    just so everyone knows oxygen freeze at -215.2 C degrees

  • Chideraa Mbakpuo
    Chideraa Mbakpuo

    Thé horse says the neeyther

  • ✨Karmin2971✨

    "✨two dumbasses✨" -fundy

  • KC’s Music Art
    KC’s Music Art


  • Wayne Triplett
    Wayne Triplett

    At first i didnt know u were apart of the dream team xD

  • Tylersworld

    The game: snowing forever Me: it snowpiercer time

  • OP71X_ZR

    Return to this plssssss

  • mb

    The way they both died from gravel lmao

  • mb

    Father and son bonding

  • alasia harriott
    alasia harriott

    Fun fact: fundy lives in Netherlands

  • Chris sharman
    Chris sharman


  • •OwoAshes•

    If willber only has 28 subscribers that means I have more subscribers then Wilbur

  • Amber Wong
    Amber Wong

    My cousin in two days Diamonds

  • IngyBot

    Welcome to Canada, eh.

  • Celine Fanggidae
    Celine Fanggidae

    When this got recommended 1 year later

  • ItsAwolff


  • NmdFault

    10:24 wilbur, that looks trash

  • •Silent Strawberry•
    •Silent Strawberry•

    18:07 Fundy: tired Me: what’s tired mean? What’s even sleep? I’m so confused…

  • Dump HA
    Dump HA

    Bad means Schlecht I’m German fan so Yes xd

  • Jari Vandebilt
    Jari Vandebilt

    Fundy jij bent Nederlands toch

  • Ranger fox
    Ranger fox

    If your in a - 200 degrees Celsius You will die

    • D_Dagger

      you're, and no you wont, because humans can adapt to the cold

  • Minty

    fundy: -200 degree weather me: yeah looks like an average winter day here in canada

  • obama

    This was very awkward for them

  • silly Plays
    silly Plays

    Father & son bonding time

  • CrazyDuck

    Damn I’ve been rerecommended. Thanks BG-chat.

  • saif minecraft gaming
    saif minecraft gaming

    at -200°c nitrogen turns into a liquid

  • Zacatron Gaming
    Zacatron Gaming

    alternate title: furry fox coder man and jacket man with a habit of exploding things and abandoning people try to go to the nether in minecraft while the sow tries to make them slide all around the planet

  • Giel Heintze
    Giel Heintze

    Nether in Dutch is actually onder wereld (underworld)


    Jeez, fundys voice

  • Lillienne

    father son bonding time

  • F.S H
    F.S H

    8:18 Wilbur let me help you speak dutch. I'm dutch as well.

  • madsinnit


  • Joseph Meade
    Joseph Meade

    What is the third thing I need!? 1: Cottage 2:Neeythar? 3: !?!?!?

  • Cake in Space
    Cake in Space




  • Maria Rosario
    Maria Rosario

    That wolf went tokyo drift

  • Jason Leeuw
    Jason Leeuw

    I am duch and you are so bad 😂😂

  • zualihlondo

    am kinda speechless..;-;

  • MusiCal Pup
    MusiCal Pup

    we know that being in a warmer environment doesn't make you smarter, cuz look at Floridians. We are friggin stupid as dirt

  • Snow Lemon
    Snow Lemon

    why is wilbur making fun of dutch people in front of fundy so funny to me

  • Nathan Payne
    Nathan Payne

    family-friendly channel. fundy: F***

  • Dilicea66 Gacha
    Dilicea66 Gacha

    oh...nothing, i'm just someone who can translate and communicate with morse code fluently... .... . -.-- / ..-. ..- -. -.. -.-- --..-- / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- / .-. . .- .-.. .. ... . / - .... .- - / .-- .. .-.. -... ..- .-. / .-- .- ... / .-. .. --. .... - / .- -... --- ..- - / .-..-. -....- -....- .-.-.- .-..-. / -... . .. -. --. / .-..-. --. .-..-. / .-. .. --. .... - ..--.. -.-.-- --- .... --..-- / . -.. .. - ---... / - --- / .- -. -.-- --- -. . / --- ..- - / - .... . .-. . / .-- .... --- / -.-. .- -. / .-. . .- -.. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . --..-- / -.. .- -... / -- . / ..- .--. -.-.-- / -.--. -.-. .-. .. -. --. . -.--.-

  • Aneikia Spence
    Aneikia Spence

    Bruh even when funds is serious I can’t take him seriously because of his Minecraft face too cute!

  • monkey thunky
    monkey thunky

    "wilbur suth"

  • ShadowEris Em
    ShadowEris Em

    Does this mean ice is double slipery

  • Joana Charles
    Joana Charles

    Your voice is so soothing

  • Andrew Joshua
    Andrew Joshua

    Hi wilburSoot

  • Fundy

    Can I be your friend, Fundy?

  • BloopBaDoop

    Wilbur: "Prepare for this to get really gay-" Me: "Ooookay-" Computer: **Gay Anime Ad Pops Up** Me: "LMFAOObkhbhviytddtfgyYITFDDDFGFGHNFDGHN"

    • D_Dagger


  • glitch greenz
    glitch greenz

    Furry chain below

  • Devi Demon
    Devi Demon

    *offended that the editor said my brothers and sisters aren’t people*

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