I made every mob act like creepers in Minecraft...
I coded it so that every single mob in Minecraft, acts and behaves like creepers. This means even passive mobs like chickens and cows, explode on contact...
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    Image the end

  • Mandolorian

    Ender dragon would crash Fundy and explode "easy"

  • Кошка Дашка KD
    Кошка Дашка KD

    Nooooooo!!! Cats...

  • Tyler Weckherlin
    Tyler Weckherlin

    3:41 I haven't laughed this hard at a yt video in ages 😂

  • Andrew McKlveen
    Andrew McKlveen

    You should’ve made it where the creeper was the only peaceful mob and you could ride it.

  • Kraddle YT
    Kraddle YT

    Me fighting ender dragon and waiting for the dragon to explode .....

  • Sparzzz

    "this is a chicken, a little white boy who poops eggs" i need to go to bed, i laughed at this for so long and for what

  • Duck Newton
    Duck Newton

    I do not like the creeper chicken

  • Colorado Washington Missouri Shulker 2020 and iowa
    Colorado Washington Missouri Shulker 2020 and iowa

    3:42 explode with me, DADADADA BOBOBOBOOM!

  • Colorado Washington Missouri Shulker 2020 and iowa
    Colorado Washington Missouri Shulker 2020 and iowa


  • Kl_boy1234 Alexander
    Kl_boy1234 Alexander

    Sit in water and let them explode, U will hurt but the surroundings still normal

  • JIXO Official
    JIXO Official

    Whut about ender dragon then? 🤨

  • MikiBee

    Minecraft but every player acts like a creeper

  • MikiBee

    Creapers are made of a plant called pete

  • big boi banna
    big boi banna

    before the pig explodes you get WIDE PIG

  • LazyAngelSonic

    Kira yoshikage talking to the pig: *kira queen has already touched that invisible creeper*

  • IHeaders

    Whenever your late to class 4:08

  • Digital Sunrise
    Digital Sunrise

    Don't treat my friends this way ;(

  • TailsGamingXLL

    How did you code it? can you give it

  • Joanna Soh
    Joanna Soh

    3:30 spelling has left the chat

  • kaylawasbored

    Probably the first time anyone has seen "Its Fundy was blown up by a chicken

  • RowmacNezumi

    3:41 Status effect gained: Positively Rattled: +100% fear vulnerability, -5 dexterity, -5 ability, +2 strength

  • mahmud summy
    mahmud summy

    Team creeper or team skeleton who will win? Winner: cHicKen!

  • Limedinosaur

    Do u code in Java script

  • Eowyn Tousseyn
    Eowyn Tousseyn


  • ACG2

    And this mod inspired me a mod with peaceful creepers that act like a villager and can be milked to obtain enchanted golden apple, cause why not. BUT when you hit them, kaboom revenge And another mod that is not yet tested with god creepers

  • Kathleen Alicia
    Kathleen Alicia

    I have Angry Mobs Mod that Mobs attack Mobs that does not look like the other Mob

  • sneek

    killing the ender dragon is gonna be easy

  • Malle Ericsson
    Malle Ericsson

    Does the ender dragon explode?

  • Lightning Runner123
    Lightning Runner123

    Either Fundy is really easy to get JUMPSCARED, or he is EXAGGERATING too much


    Where can i download this ?

  • Nickgamer 724
    Nickgamer 724

    Aw man

  • x-x

    0:09 a little white boy

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    Please make this a mod

  • White Prince
    White Prince

    Phantoms be like kamakasi!

  • Nap2Nap

    CoronaCraft - keep distance, and you be alive

  • Tikaani Newman With moosic and games
    Tikaani Newman With moosic and games

    Me: clicks vid Frito-Lay Ad: *(Rickroll intensifies)*

  • Plucky Cheeks
    Plucky Cheeks

    R.I.P. like, a trillion ocelots

  • Helena Lin
    Helena Lin

    Fundy: VERY vErY "nOrMaL"

  • Isabel Godfrey
    Isabel Godfrey

    honestly it would make sense for blazes to explode like when they die or something

  • Michael McWhorter
    Michael McWhorter

    imagine baby zombies

  • Flat Mars Society
    Flat Mars Society

    2:30 rare footage of dad getting milk 2002 CIRCA (colorized)

  • adam webri
    adam webri

    6:18 screams noooOoO🥴😖😖

  • windows vista
    windows vista

    Has anyone ever

    • windows vista
      windows vista


  • justicecaparros

    Chicken aww man Pig aww man Skeleton aww man Blaze aww man Villager aww man

  • Gabriel Gaming 1125
    Gabriel Gaming 1125

    5:51 huh??? What is he saying LOL

  • trash youtuber
    trash youtuber

    1:57 what happened to the trees? Who burned them fundy

  • Natan marciniec
    Natan marciniec

    Pig kamikaze XD

  • I K
    I K

    8:17 Sorry creeper, but in this world, is explode or be exploded

  • Joseph Dorsett
    Joseph Dorsett

    2:07 he feed him to much seeds

  • Waylon Gamer at stuff
    Waylon Gamer at stuff

    "lava bucket, milk bu- nope" IT SAYS minecraft:milk_bucket RIGHT THERE!

  • L30NN

    I just wanted to play with this :(

  • Diamond Kid Gaming
    Diamond Kid Gaming

    Why not the wither and end dragon

  • Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft
    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes Mobmaker Minecraft

    I'm Like Fundy! I edit mob mechanics too!

  • Alastor

    why is the location in the netherlands

  • Dominic Glover
    Dominic Glover

    Exploded the elder dragon

  • SteveTheKitsune

    welcum to arabia saudi

  • James Chamberlin
    James Chamberlin

    what about ender dragon/

  • こはみつまる

    make Jojo with armour "stands" plssssss

  • Bibi Brawl-Stars
    Bibi Brawl-Stars

    3:43 Omg that was f*cking jumpscare dude...

  • the obvious killer Blankenship
    the obvious killer Blankenship

    I just noticed something 2:55

  • Froppy Frog
    Froppy Frog


  • DRG_Infinite

    In Soviet mincraft villagers kill u

  • Lorenzo Lacson
    Lorenzo Lacson

    zombie hit the villager whule boom boom

  • Riad Rahamatullah
    Riad Rahamatullah

    Maybe they fused together

  • Yaman Abidi
    Yaman Abidi

    What about Ender dragon? Wither?

  • Jakubix


  • Donna Gray
    Donna Gray

    Mm no

  • ArcticPlayz50

    we learned that creepers are better at their job than skeletons are, so how about we give all mobs bows and make them hostile to everything??

  • Din0boy0950

    me : Downloads mod (not actually) My Friend : JOINS My Friend : Sees a sheep Also My Friend : tries to tame it Me : Sees The Chat The Chat : YOUR FRIEND HAS BEEN BLOWN UP BY SHEEP

  • GoldenAdrien

    So when you did the countdown at 7:20 , the whole video became unavailable for a second and I had to press play to fix it. You are a genius if that was purposeful

  • Chillingo


  • Chestpain v8 Fusion
    Chestpain v8 Fusion

    This is a creeper- minecrafts grim reaper- blowing up blocks like al Qaeda-

  • wessideJoshh

    The villager part jump scared me

  • Drenzel GV
    Drenzel GV

    Some people just want to see the world burn...

  • CloudRunnerTeeny

    5:57 you could say it was alot of catsualties

  • Killin it Kiko
    Killin it Kiko

    Me: skeltons now have melee

  • KuKuJosH

    2:07 I just cant

  • Λli-sρყ

    aw man

  • QuietNinja

    It’s so funny cuz when he goes to the super flat world and turn the captions on the wondering is misspelt to wonderin,g

  • Vitória Santos
    Vitória Santos

    if u use a shield and kill a skeleton with his own arrows in this mod.... will he drop a music disc?

  • Vitória Santos
    Vitória Santos

    love how he died by one chicken but survived like 4 pigs

  • Syla Alidio
    Syla Alidio

    3:20 mojang you gotta explain it to this man

  • KatieZ0id

    My Dad Calls Creeper's mean Gumby's

  • MCBroGamer 666
    MCBroGamer 666

    Imagine the explosion of the ender dragon

  • Ketçaplıdomates

    Oh no ... bats... good luck with mining

  • CoatSonic

    where is the plugin? he will not realese?


    did u eat too much fun dip fundy?

  • georgia_thebean

    why do i feel bad for the creeper

  • H5SKB4RU

    3:37 Just a normal day in the middle east, Nothing to see here

  • whyyousorude0

    1:09 can somebody explain how he was on top of the skeleton and takes 1 AND A HALF HEARTS FROM AN EXPLOSION?!

  • Apenas um Minecrafter
    Apenas um Minecrafter

    "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no"

  • Hassan Alobaidi
    Hassan Alobaidi

    The revenge of the villagers 3:41

  • mcmoe nugget
    mcmoe nugget


  • Masky Querode
    Masky Querode

    fundy fun fact creepers explode when there are too many feline based mods around it

  • cowzillaOwO

    Yes, finally, I’ve made it to the end! Time to beat the dragon! Ended dragon: *explodes*

  • Dream

    Mobs: *my revenge works?*

  • It’s me RA1DER
    It’s me RA1DER

    But can these mobs become charged

  • shourjjo gamer
    shourjjo gamer

    3:43 jumpscare

  • H Y
    H Y

    Every mob were touched by Killer Queen