So I made it rain Potions in Minecraft...
Rain in Minecraft isn't that scary, so I decided to change that. I made it rain Potions in Minecraft (Including the effects). This was quite a colourful hell...
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  • The dank Rave
    The dank Rave

    I eat a cat

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    Mr Squidink

    do 100

  • 【Noglaツ】

    This is how the obstacles feel in dropper

  • Darkenderlord13

    its not dangerous... yet....

  • Laura viana Garcia
    Laura viana Garcia

    did you MAKE the mod?

  • Bartosz Adamczyk
    Bartosz Adamczyk

    You died from the potions. Click down here to respawn. You died from the potions again.

  • Max K
    Max K

    Fundy: stops moving Chat: Fundy has made the advancement [How Did We Get Here]

  • Berend van der Bogt
    Berend van der Bogt

    eyyy nederlandse gang (ook fundy ben ik net achter gekomen)

  • Jakamations

    Colory is what i said when my brothers ipad screen was being colory after it broke

  • Jakamations

    3:14 your inventory character was different

  • im duck
    im duck

    @wadzee you know what to do

  • FoodBoiPlayz

    Why can't you link the plugin?

  • Smbee Gaming
    Smbee Gaming

    This is a tutorial of how to get a "Furius Cocktail" and "How did we get in here"

  • Aureus Knighstar
    Aureus Knighstar

    3:46 Everybody gangsta till the LGBT Rain follows you

  • Harshit Godara
    Harshit Godara

    I given rain some. Protien will be good

  • Isaac Wille
    Isaac Wille

    Radias 0 =ranbow=gay Lesson if it touches you you are gay

  • jjebkame

    Imagine if they made it all isnsant damage 2 potions that could go through blocks that follows you, and called it “Minecraft but if you stop you die”

  • Coco Bradley
    Coco Bradley

    “Now I know you guys don’t wanna hear me talk for 10 minutes-“ *continues to talk for 10 minutes*

  • 김정민

    can i download this plz?

  • Anno Nym
    Anno Nym

    Please put the Thuder and the potion rain together in super-rain.

  • Wasquash

    This is one of the plug-ins I really want

  • Kreek Creef
    Kreek Creef

    Fundy got hired for Splatoon 3

  • Eriselda Hyka
    Eriselda Hyka

    Make a nether portal in sirval but it's raining with regin

  • #hihonyancupcake 42
    #hihonyancupcake 42

    The glitchy appearance of Fundy at 3:30-3:35 is something I used to play with years ago- it's the result of having 0 hearts left but being healed so fast that you can survive with 0 hearts XD

  • Piper Mahon
    Piper Mahon

    lingering po- sorry your game has crashed

  • Jay.Dré.Cat.Boy_

    All I needed was a good laught thank you Fundy for making me happy and you make me so happy thank you

  • Luckylucy1278 A friend of edwin
    Luckylucy1278 A friend of edwin

    What about it rains lingering potions

  • Cole Reich
    Cole Reich

    The second he said hey Nintendo if you want to hire me for Splatoon I won my game in Splatoon two

  • LivLifeDrawing

    “Nobody likes rain” * me and all my friends with riptide III *: **offended**

  • kenneth orlandi
    kenneth orlandi

    Do the same thing with snow

  • Lily Chen
    Lily Chen

    I found a Easter egg in this video

  • Alisnna Tuz
    Alisnna Tuz

    Fundy: talking about how good he is working with colors George:`~' Sorry for my English, I used Google translate 😅

  • Pilot2black


  • Yura the Bat
    Yura the Bat

    Switch the splash options with lingering potions That would be something

  • Vinícius Belleville
    Vinícius Belleville

    How did we get here

  • Tony Bajaja
    Tony Bajaja

    Fundy: YOU CAN NOT HIDE Me: you can hide under trees and blocks and houses ;-;

  • Angelic Killer Box
    Angelic Killer Box

    Sooooo uhm, I like rain-

  • BookwebTheFairyKitten_ DrawsYourSmileUwU
    BookwebTheFairyKitten_ DrawsYourSmileUwU

    Colorful potion rain...I TRIED IT OUT,I LOVE THAT POTION RAIN!!!

  • Cass1e Fr3tt
    Cass1e Fr3tt

    Where is fundy

  • how r u?
    how r u?

    hope he got hired for spatoon 3

  • mrman12w

    Hey did you get hired splatoon 3 got announced

  • Flamie Blob
    Flamie Blob

    Fundy came on BG-chat when I wanted to watch him >:3

  • FoxGamerTR

    Is nobody going to talk about the fact that this was uploaded in 29 feb but its 18 th today ://

  • Shivendra Shukla
    Shivendra Shukla

    It would be very easy to complete how did we get here in this mode

  • Dr. Otaku
    Dr. Otaku

    “Nintendo if you wanna hire me for the next splatoon” I hope they did

  • Oh no

  • Canned Cooking
    Canned Cooking

    *Nintendo direct spoilers if you hit read more* *Not joking* So fundy, did Nintendo hire you for Splatoon 3?

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen

    fundy: trying to die me: just build a house bruh

  • king killer777
    king killer777

    CAN you link it plz thank you😁

  • Cheryl Armstrong
    Cheryl Armstrong

    First impression. Goodbye frame rate.

  • Zuzanna Skarżyńska
    Zuzanna Skarżyńska

    iT's RaInInG pOtiOnS

  • Lucas Ks
    Lucas Ks

    New way to get "How did we get here?" Goal

  • Skid

    Fundy: no one likes rain Me: bounjor

  • Melvin Alexander vd Hoven
    Melvin Alexander vd Hoven

    Make this a mod so we can download it and use it for a extra challange

  • GOLDEN Şizofren Manyak Keçi
    GOLDEN Şizofren Manyak Keçi

    What the heal dude. I love rain

  • Bubble G
    Bubble G

  • Karol Śleziak
    Karol Śleziak

    It look's like paintball war lol

  • Tanishi

    GeorgeNotFound got the achievement How Did We Get Here? *Badboyhalo:* ANT!? How did you do that? You muffinhead. *Dream and George:* **UNHOLY SCREECHING** *Dream:* GEORGE GET OUT OF MY WAY *George:* DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM *Anfrost:* **inaudible** *Sapnap:* Lets hide in the cave guy- *Sapnap:* HOW!? *Tommy:* ...w o t...

  • dokterhewan gt
    dokterhewan gt

    ive heard a song called "raining tacos" in roblox and now...raning potions

  • Greenify


  • Shannon Stevens
    Shannon Stevens

    Mojang should hire fundy and Nintendo should hire Dani

  • Anna Garbaciak
    Anna Garbaciak

    cooo 6.3.2

  • 『ツ』『ツ』

    How did we get here left the game

  • Bigfoot4Cool

    What if you made them lingering potions?

  • Mustafa Deniz
    Mustafa Deniz

    How did We Get Here? COMPLETED

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton

    The fastest way of getting how did we get here?

  • POG Gaming
    POG Gaming

    This is the best way to get the achievement "How did we get here?"

  • Gaming with Derrick
    Gaming with Derrick

    “Soo I made rain all drugs”

  • ZX ItZ j crafts XZ
    ZX ItZ j crafts XZ

    try beating the game with them allon max

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto

    When puss in boots drops the happily ever after potion

  • ImRealEntityplays

    So you really are a furry jotaro aren't ya?

  • tired mom friend
    tired mom friend

    "No one likes rain" me who loves rain because of the noise and aesthetic that comes along with it 👁👄👁

  • stargazer

    This could be a really good challenge game like the last one standing wins

  • Daniel Quilaquil
    Daniel Quilaquil

    Fundy god of Mods

  • Joshua lee
    Joshua lee

    How do you get the thing if you can?



  • Yukio dev_Animation
    Yukio dev_Animation

    I like rain

  • John Lechmere-Oertel
    John Lechmere-Oertel

    Fundy: "Epilepsy warning." Me: *already having a fit*

  • The_Raiding_Wolf

    Instant how did we get here

  • BlackWolfes

    Survive with this plsss

  • Venture Sculk
    Venture Sculk

    Easiest way to get the how did we get here achievement

  • Rebekah Does Everything
    Rebekah Does Everything


  • Noah Lapoint
    Noah Lapoint

    How come it looks like he wears armor in His vids?

  • Evan Cushard
    Evan Cushard

    Make an smp with this and the lightning and some other stuff and it'd be pretty fun

  • Not_EvilYt

    like the beam thing is like pov: ur dream and ant bad george and sapnap chasing u

  • Not_EvilYt


  • Agent_unwept

    Mfw bad omen potion

  • Akato Furisukai
    Akato Furisukai

    the only way to get that hidden achievement were u have all effects on the player at once .

  • J I N X
    J I N X

    Fundy:nobody likes rain Me : I kinda do its relaxing for people you that like listening to rain

  • Samantha The Ninetailed Føx
    Samantha The Ninetailed Føx

    Fundy for splatoon!

  • propeace

    How to download this

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson

    Fundy: No one likes rain... Ph1lza has joined the chat

  • Zevox 90
    Zevox 90

    Radius: 50 Frequency: 100 Duration: 1 Amplifier: 255

  • scorsar productions
    scorsar productions

    no pls dont work on splatoon that would be hell

  • Ryan LIVE
    Ryan LIVE

    is this a mod or is it code cus i need it UwU *btw rip me cause im 11 and fundys discord to join is 13 sad me*

  • TrashDragon

    “No one likes rain” Riptide users: 👁 👄 👁

  • isthis_Necessary

    Colorful fundy the word you are looking for is colorful

  • Xenophade

    No debiste haber hecho eso.

  • Shiela Z.
    Shiela Z.

    This would actually be a cool way to do things if you made it lingering potions. You could make squares and hearts and stuff! 👯‍♀️

  • Jone Chrissiane Sibumpan
    Jone Chrissiane Sibumpan

    5:16 the music is nice fundy

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