So I made an "Apocalypse" Difficulty in Minecraft...
So I made an "Apocalypse" Difficulty in Minecraft, a custom modded Difficulty where we removed the entire sun from Minecraft... this was insane.
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Thanks to Kiryu144 for helping me code a major part of the mod!
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Minecraft, but the Sun Exploded. A custom Minecraft Difficulty / Challenge / Mod / Plugin that completely changes the game!
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    • Nasty Mouse
      Nasty Mouse

      I want to beat it

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      Well, ig I have to sub now.

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      plot twist i already subscribe

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  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney

    Is fundy really gonna read that

  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney

    Same as all the other ones but it is always night time mobs have 2x health you need a add ONLY to break trees (you have to break those desert bushes then go to a village in hope of wood) all so 2 crafting tables the first crafting table cost 2 wood which has 4 slots and the second one needs 8 wood and last but not least you have 1 inventory slot. If you can think of anything else add it in. A lot of coding but I think you can do it:)

  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney

    Next up difficulty madness

  • Alexandre Leclerc
    Alexandre Leclerc

    10:50 This is basiquelly the only mob that ever spawn in the world. Bats:

  • Ottoman techer
    Ottoman techer

    sounds like dont starve winter but easier but infinity

  • Sal The RPG Nerd
    Sal The RPG Nerd

    What's the music in the opening text

  • Winky_girl 1
    Winky_girl 1

    Fundy: “you’re probably wondering where are the mobs?” Me: DEAD?! Fundy: “they’re dead” me: KNEW IT UWU

  • minecraftprogamer

    1:39 he forgot to say fox XD

  • Hope_Bagels OfDeath
    Hope_Bagels OfDeath

    Ah I’m used to the cold, I’m a genshin impact player

  • quiet quin
    quiet quin

    where download

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    ꧁ Snowflak3 ꧂

    I checked and I wasn’t subscribed because I just unsubscribed so that BG-chat bug won’t get me. h

  • The GamerKid
    The GamerKid

    If the sun exploded, we would die in a very short time, just so you know.

  • Xuen Tv
    Xuen Tv

    "No living thing in this world" Tree and grass: Am I a dead to you?

  • Josh Sheppard
    Josh Sheppard

    Fundy please release this.

  • Zach Fisher
    Zach Fisher

    "the stray is the only mob alive" bat fly's on to screen

  • Cers Venk
    Cers Venk

    if the oceans are freeze how the snow is created?

  • comic sans
    comic sans

    I wanna download this, I like a good challange

  • mitko00

    Hello! Please make this and the halloween one downloadable cause we want to play them!

  • Squiggles_

    12:12 I thought lava turns to obsidian :/

  • Azarya Geno
    Azarya Geno

    Ur a furry

  • Jacob Gladiator
    Jacob Gladiator

    Where can i get the mod?

  • Miranda Kreilaus
    Miranda Kreilaus


  • Miranda Kreilaus
    Miranda Kreilaus


  • Miranda Kreilaus
    Miranda Kreilaus


  • MikiBee

    I couldn’t get the merch cuz I wasn’t subbed SUB TO FUNDY

  • Jakobi Wan Kenobi
    Jakobi Wan Kenobi

    This isn't an apocalypse, it's just a Minnesota winter at its finest!

  • Topher Gaming
    Topher Gaming

    Random 06:25 Random

    • Topher Gaming
      Topher Gaming


    • Topher Gaming
      Topher Gaming


    • Topher Gaming
      Topher Gaming


    • Topher Gaming
      Topher Gaming


    • Topher Gaming
      Topher Gaming


  • kalis

    now his pfp has been changed, some recently subbed will have no idea what that icon on his merch refers to...

  • thelaciverse

    They are all dead-

  • Svetoslav Zimbelmann
    Svetoslav Zimbelmann

    Can i download it anywhere

  • Talal Fitih
    Talal Fitih

    Funny we don’t need the sun me you idiot we need the son for energy and growing plants to eat them


    Is there a download for this?

  • Innacctually Yes
    Innacctually Yes

    only mob that spawns also theres a bat in there

  • Will S
    Will S

    Can we play this mod or nah?

  • Zeroburb YT
    Zeroburb YT

    That place is Finland, Sweden, Norway or Iceland

  • Mr Anti Nightmare
    Mr Anti Nightmare

    Fundy I Am Subscribed What Do I Do Now??

  • ERDeguit

    All my friends talking me: we are All like fundy

  • Stumpy Stumps
    Stumpy Stumps

    make a mode where the sun slowly burns the surface and youll cacth on fire from direct sunlight, and trees will burn

  • null

    The sun's planet needed him

  • Superior Mario Bros
    Superior Mario Bros

    Stray is only thing that spawnes bat right next to him

  • Loran Qerimi
    Loran Qerimi

    If the sun explode the earth is gone with it to the most ppl think that but first without that no live means no food and the temperation wil get to - so it’s impossible with out the sun so don’t Even think to survive

    • Loran Qerimi
      Loran Qerimi

      Ah the blood nerves wil get lower down and the blood frosted so no blood for youre heart but a little later you don’t have cold bit later it wil be bad much Bader

    • Loran Qerimi
      Loran Qerimi

      I know more but I don’t say it

  • Aschenfuchs

    Hi Fundy, i have a good idea for one mod special for Technoblade: He likes ravagers, so maaaybe you can code it so, that Techno can ride them? I really dont think that you code it so, that He can attack with it, but hey, thats your choice! "Fundy was killed by Technoblade using Ravagertrain"

    • Aschenfuchs

      Im so bad at english. Im so bad like Tubbo saying "Diamantenspitzhacke" 😂

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams

    Do you know the Mojang already made snow mode

  • Dan


  • Charles B.
    Charles B.

    heat damage should be reversed to heal because the goal is to be warm

  • RowmacNezumi

    So... A shovel is very important.

  • Glytch Meister
    Glytch Meister

    So this brings up an interesting idea that I had a while back and do NOT have the skills to bring to fruition: Mars. This mod seems like a good basis on which a Mars “difficulty” mod could be built - the cold damage could also be combined with “pressure” damage - aka if you go outside without a complete “spacesuit” (armor), you die very quickly, and more advanced spacesuits let you withstand not just the pressure but also help with the extreme cold. Modify enchantments to be “tech”, so basically enhancements to your “spacesuit” and tools that aren’t based on the material itself. Get better “tech” by enhancing your “lab” (aka more blocks that act like bookshelves around the enchanting table aka the “workbench”) If it’s an RNG biome setup, you could have mountains of sandstone and terra cotta with stone underneath, deserts of red sand with coarse dirt and gravel under, and polar regions with “dry ice” (aka snow, because I don’t think it can be made into water?) with water ice underneath. And modified ore generation, so coal is very very rare (coal is a fossil fuel, needs life to have existed at one point, was probably very minimal on Mars). And to add some interesting bits, you could have hydrothermal vents deep underground where water meets lava, which are surrounded with some super basic life like mycelium and moss and maybe mushrooms. Or you could do the same but have it match up with Martian geography using the same kind of tech they used to pull data from Google Earth to make Earth in Minecraft, but maybe with NASA data on Mars? You start in a generated structure that is basically a tiny lander with the minimal basics you’d need to access the rest of the game, like two of each animal and one of each seed type, but you have to make your own soil (maybe a crafting recipe of coarse dirt plus “compost” aka bone meal?) and expand your base in order to make space to farm and breed animals and make space for a full lab and whatnot. The end of the game could either be making and maintaining some kind of terraforming contraption for a set amount of time or making a Gateway (aka a nether portal or maybe even an end portal) to “Earth”, which takes you to the Overworld.

  • Golbarde

    Minecraft, but it's winter. Merry christmas!

  • Kuba - minecraft gamer lol
    Kuba - minecraft gamer lol

    Update in 1.17 mojang: we can have dobule swords -mojang 2021

    • Kuba - minecraft gamer lol
      Kuba - minecraft gamer lol

      At end

  • Hunterr CAT
    Hunterr CAT

    can you do realistic difficulty like you cant break stone with hand and more

  • RandomRobloxGamer

    5:35 *pain*

  • pan keyk
    pan keyk

    “There are no living things other than Strays” Bats:

  • Tabitha Dill
    Tabitha Dill


  • Simpbox


  • :O

    Whats the plugin??

  • Castle Doran
    Castle Doran

    texas during the polar vortex

  • Niki Jackson
    Niki Jackson

    i think you should make a mod where poison ivy was everywhere

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young

    there are bats

  • Han Sat
    Han Sat

    hay can you make minecraft zombie apocalypse difficulty

  • Vomer Conch
    Vomer Conch

    living in the nether would be much better than the overworld

  • Emy LOL
    Emy LOL

    Hey Fundy could you make a minecraft difficulty that isn't exactly hard but Mildly Infuriating?

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney
    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    I love this mod such a fun idea..... The song "Hail The Apocalypse" by Avatar comes to mind watching this

  • Lunarifyyy

    Canada in a nutshell

  • ChRle Ed
    ChRle Ed

    we dont even have grass" me: "and you shouldnt even have light... or a planet..."

  • FTnoodles

    It would be cool if you made it that when you die in the overworld there's a frozen version of you on the ground where you died

  • Stefan Stojkovic
    Stefan Stojkovic

    Fundy:stray's are only mobs that can spawn Bats:am i joke to you

  • Jaden Devera
    Jaden Devera


  • Novan

    Now tell me where I can get this difficulty?

  • TeHagoReir

    soy el unico que habla español y no entiende nada ._.

  • Issue 250
    Issue 250

    Apocalypse, in words of dutch frry: *Sun leaved the chat*

  • Eleanor playz
    Eleanor playz

    Fundy *Comes out in spectator mode Me *”ITS ELSA’S CASTLE! HOLY CRAP!”*

  • Kaydence Dube
    Kaydence Dube

    So you just made Canada in Minecraft.

  • Tomislav Rendulic
    Tomislav Rendulic

    Hey can you plsss give command and how to do this

  • Pucky Penguin4U
    Pucky Penguin4U

    10:50 wops i gues the bats are in the way!

  • Abd-ur-Rahman Hussain
    Abd-ur-Rahman Hussain

    Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to swim in lava without dying

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    You cannot kill sun to destoy the sun sweep black hole then gone

  • Nojic .103
    Nojic .103

    First video i watched on this account

  • White Prince
    White Prince

    The only mob that spawns is a stray. causally there is a bat next to him

  • Cool A pop
    Cool A pop

    THEOanLY MOB bats: nope I have now been useful for once now I am the only pet

  • Yusuf Mohamed Sheta
    Yusuf Mohamed Sheta

    what has gone into u being a nice guy then turning into tommy and other cursing people like bruh i miss the nice u.

  • adulik99

    I love his little seya! On the ending omfg. 👁️👄👁️✨

  • Bru tux
    Bru tux

    make this downloadable

  • Drake Ducharme
    Drake Ducharme

    I wish there was actually a snow difficulty in Minecraft also this should be in Minecraft

  • CloudyMuffin 27
    CloudyMuffin 27

    "..Basically the only mobs that spawn.." Bats: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Adam Fleming
    Adam Fleming

    At 11:16 a bat flys ahead at him as soon as he says this is the only mob that spons

  • Liam Flexen
    Liam Flexen

    Fundy, I know the dream smp is scripted, but can we have a dream smp mod? Basically you can claim land, jail people, idk just work off those things and do the rest yourself

  • Gareth Willis
    Gareth Willis

    It's interesting to see that even after 3 months, apocalypse difficulty still has not been beaten.

  • xXKitsuneXx

    go to nether its warm there

  • That One Enby
    That One Enby

    just realised that ur skin is just Jotaro's jacket and hat from jjba but instead of Jotaro its a fox

  • Maki Maki
    Maki Maki

    Hi floris

  • eka saleh
    eka saleh

    Difficulty phobic or phobia?

  • Elina Samoškaitė
    Elina Samoškaitė

    texas but make it minecraft

  • danphilips

    Were donwload

  • ThunderYT_


  • The Court Fool
    The Court Fool

    You should make a Robinson Crusoe game mode. You’re shipwrecked on an island, you start with a few supplies, you start on half health, you can’t break things with your hands, your range is shorter, fall damage is much more effective, there are dangerous animals, you must sleep or else you start to die, and to beat the game you must escape

  • Isaac Games
    Isaac Games

    this is impossible to beat wadzee: imma do it anyway

  • Luma64

    Maybe vegans are finally happy now that we cant eat the animals. Oh wait all the animals are dead

  • theoandthetrio

    E P I C