So I added a new difficulty to Minecraft...
I decided it was a great idea to add a new difficulty to Minecraft. And oh boy did I make it incredibly difficult. Borderline impossible, this was crazy...

Challenge is over, ImJustJR with his team won the happy meal!

The Plugin:

Sloimayyy made a Datapack version of the plugin:
It might not be 100% accurate to the plugin, but it's pretty close, so goodjob sloimayyy!

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Outro music

  • Fundy

    I was a fool for thinking this was impossible enough. Wadzee beat my difficulty in HARDCORE, which leaves me with two options... I give up, tell wadzee that he won, and quit. Or I make it way, way more difficult than it already is... Something's cookin'...

    • Ethan_Rockstar2012

      Fundy I am playing your hardcore minecraft :)

    • Zoidslayer81

      Make it so that when it rains, when you get “too wet” you have a chance to slip on a “smooth” block and take 3 hearts of damage Or when you go into water This “wet” status lasts forever in night time since you wont dry up. It lasts for 3 minutes in day and in a desert, it lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds. Also make it so that this affects skeletons and zombies. When the wet time ends, they burn in the sun again.

    • The Local Necromancer
      The Local Necromancer

      ruined 169 replies

    • Kirby Cloud9
      Kirby Cloud9

      Just give the ender dragon regeneration 250 soo its actually impossible

    • Fundy

      Can I be your friend, Fundy?

  • Gabbie Steel
    Gabbie Steel

    Fundy: *Every Zombie is Baby* Philza: Guess I’ll Die

  • Derp

    Fundy: "There are three types of difficulties in Minecraft. Easy, Normal, and Hard." Hardcore: Am I a joke to you?

    • Gabbie Steel
      Gabbie Steel

      And Peaceful

  • Frederic Schoenrock
    Frederic Schoenrock

    Bastighg killed the Enderdragon in Impossible

  • Dragon Rampage
    Dragon Rampage

    (Subscribes so I could be a Zombie)

  • WowweCrafter Gaming
    WowweCrafter Gaming

    I’m getting flashbacks from Minecraft but the floor is ice with the spiders. YEEAAAH BOOOIIII!!!!

  • WowweCrafter Gaming
    WowweCrafter Gaming

    Fundy: Everyone knows that cows are better than pigs. Technoblade: Are you ready to die????

  • Simon Byrne
    Simon Byrne

    Actually, There Are 4 Difficulties. Peaceful, Which Is For Casuals, Easy, Which Is For Casuals, Normal, Which Is For Casuals, And Hard, Which Is For Casuals,

  • Hasan Umut KABAKULAK
    Hasan Umut KABAKULAK

    water cauldron, THINK FUNDY THINK

  • Boris XD
    Boris XD

    5:25 When buy an elytra made in China:

  • The Local Necromancer
    The Local Necromancer

    Mate, I think that pigs are better than cows. But alright.

  • Fundy

    Can I be your friend, Fundy?

  • The Raven
    The Raven

    Don't forget there's adventure mode

    • The Raven
      The Raven

      @Jaroshock Tesla ohh well thats embarrassing

    • Jaroshock Tesla
      Jaroshock Tesla

      No that’s a different gamemode, like Survival or Creative or Spectator

  • FBIJohnson

    Also peacefull

  • Alexander Mains
    Alexander Mains

    I thought the title said adding a new difficulty to Microsoft

  • Alexander Mains
    Alexander Mains

    As a person who lost air under water irl before I can indeed confirm that dying right when we lose air we don’t die we just can’t breath and we don’t fly in the air after touching ice

  • Adrian T
    Adrian T

    This isn't even bad lmao u suck

  • Adrian T
    Adrian T

    So realistic wow smh

  • JASRAJx931


  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    Alternate Title : Furry Satan Turns Minecraft Into A Living Hell, Part 1

  • Mother_ Mother
    Mother_ Mother

    Convenient how one of my classmates who recently moved to Saskatchewan is named Isaac Reid

  • Halbergng Ng
    Halbergng Ng

    Shouldnt sceleton that doesnt has muscle be weak

  • Lucas Garcia Jorquera
    Lucas Garcia Jorquera

    Easy beat it

  • Cotton Swab Art
    Cotton Swab Art

    8:22 is that a Bo Burnham reference?

  • horizionactual

    Fundy:fire doesn't go out Me:Time to splash fire res

  • PhantomFreddy235

    1:08 when I raise my hand after getting a sunburn on my shoulders

  • Juicey_No19

    Fundy: there are 3 difficulties; easy, medium and hard Peaceful mode: am i a joke to u?

  • SweetLittleScorpio

    BastiGHG beat it too

  • Alliyah Lindez
    Alliyah Lindez


  • Đào Chị
    Đào Chị

    The "lemeshoyuwahyedid" never gets old

  • Storm Nerva
    Storm Nerva

    You can get cauldron place it in the nether and put the water and you can be safe but you need go to inside of the cauldron

  • Angela Edritz Simba
    Angela Edritz Simba


  • RiRiTheNerd

    @Fundy ik you might not see this, but you've inspired me to code my own impossible plugin, and uh, *I may have gone overboard...*

  • Its_ Mikaela
    Its_ Mikaela

    *Every zombie spown as baby zombies* Me:oh no never let Philza play this impossible mode! WE NEED TO PROTECT PHILZA

  • GzeeK

    Fundy when makings this video:this difficulty is impossible Me after people beat his cursed difficulty: oh fundy u are so naive

  • Riley Chaloner
    Riley Chaloner

    Tomorrow this video will be a year old

  • Nick Stewart
    Nick Stewart

    If you think cows are better make it where you can ride them then ill agree with you

  • insert channel name here
    insert channel name here

    well im a zombie in minecraft now

  • Allan Asuncion
    Allan Asuncion

    Lol WHYYYY :3

  • Mikolaj D
    Mikolaj D

    He is from neitherlands🇫🇷

  • junge.karotte zockt
    junge.karotte zockt

    Bastighg mastered this difficult

  • 🍀Mocha🍀

    Person: says something Fundy: "I disagreed"

  • nine

    Hey fundy! One of Czech BG-chatrs used your difficult

  • Kevin Jesko
    Kevin Jesko

    Google said: In conclusion, it might take anywhere from immediately to 10 minutes to die, depending on circumstances. So, that’s not true.

    • Kevin Jesko
      Kevin Jesko

      In lava

  • trapmare playz
    trapmare playz

    When technoblade uses the mode:"oh I see well goodbye"

  • BoxCraft

    1:08 that actually jumpscared me

  • Lukas

    Does this works on an aternos server with friends ?

    • Emilio10

      the plugin isn't in aternos, I also tried adding it but it was not popular enough to be added (somthing like that)

  • Doggo Vlogs
    Doggo Vlogs

    Peaceful and hard-core to

  • Sayko studio
    Sayko studio

    « You can’t have water in the nether » Cauldrons: *i am 7 parallel universe ahead of you*

  • klops mmm
    klops mmm

    Fundy: 2:06 Water cauldron: am I joke to you?

  • Marie Baring
    Marie Baring


  • Toñitofloo

    Is for Bedrock

  • Chickenify

    Fundy: Cows are better than pigs. Me: No, pigs are better than cows but chickens are better than pigs.

  • Ada Floyd
    Ada Floyd

    Peaceful is actually IMPOSSIBLE if u think of it

    • Emilio10

      not really, if you're lucky the world will spawn with a full portal, and the dragon can exist in peaceful

  • StupidGenius37

    you think those spiders are terrifying. try living in australia

  • Mariana And Matias
    Mariana And Matias

    i downloaded this plugin and i spawned in a ice spike biome....

  • Alisha


  • LittleCake

    I'm sure you don't die instantly when you drown. But this is real hardcore.

  • ꧁•N1GHTF0X•꧂


  • ꧁•N1GHTF0X•꧂

    I thought you called it Realistic Difficulty

  • Limedinosaur

    I can’t even beat minecraft on vanilla lol

  • Le Punishér
    Le Punishér

    "There are three difficulties" but- what about peaceful-


    btw your profile picture looks like dreams profile picture sketching

  • Car 2x3t
    Car 2x3t

    7:25 Philza's Worst Nightmare

  • Hafizur Rahman Fahim
    Hafizur Rahman Fahim

    I am too high

  • AcedBits

    Peaceful and Hardcore: D:

  • Sarita Mishra
    Sarita Mishra


  • Amish Warl0rd
    Amish Warl0rd

    you should've made the spiders a lot smaller, so it'd be more realistic

  • Panda _yt
    Panda _yt

    How do you code my own difficulty

  • Callmewynk

    Make ice freeze your movement if you stand on it for to long

  • Ellie

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that this video is 11:11

  • Yehia Kapany
    Yehia Kapany

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Dylan Cross
    Dylan Cross

    "Bones don't burn" yes... far worse, I'm pretty sure when bones reach a high enough temperature they shatter. That would be even worse than them not burning since that would 100% translate to Skeletons exploding in the sun

  • The Gamming Card Garage
    The Gamming Card Garage

    You should had made the torch burn you while they are still lit up

  • Awesome Person Roles 5 seconds
    Awesome Person Roles 5 seconds

    6:53 but Peppa is also good too

  • Not So Cubic
    Not So Cubic

    "There are 3 difficulties in Minecraft" "You got Easy, which is for casuals" "Normal, which is for casuals" "And Hard, which is for casuals" *sad Peaceful mode noises*

  • King Zogoro
    King Zogoro

    i only play on hard i am casual and im happy

  • qwertyuiop asdfghjkl
    qwertyuiop asdfghjkl

    6:58 Technoblade will be very mad at you for this edit

  • River Werewolf's /Werewolfie
    River Werewolf's /Werewolfie

    Does it also works on mobile Android?

  • hsjfj

    turkish name? lmao

  • ChaseMC

    can any1 reply to this comment and tell me the minecraft version for this plugin?

  • Conworp

    Make it playable on bedrock

  • Zachary Souza
    Zachary Souza

    Fundy: this is literally impossible. Famous last words. After impossible difficulty he had impossible++ then nightmare and finally cursed difficulty

  • M

    Make it so when you touch the torches you die because of fire

  • llamanader

    has someone found their name in this video?

  • Carlos Advincula
    Carlos Advincula

    He's like peaceful was never enboption

  • springboy

    I subed

  • Jose

    Fundy: this is impossible Wadzee: impossible. That is for casuals

  • Charles Taylor
    Charles Taylor


  • Austin reviews
    Austin reviews

    Greystillplays: not my first time

  • The Aberration
    The Aberration

    0:02 (sad peaceful difficulty noises)

  • Edith Lopez
    Edith Lopez

    He's like peaceful. Was never an option

  • Kacper Wójcikowski
    Kacper Wójcikowski

    Imagine elytra launcher with blues ice

  • Triarawn Gaming
    Triarawn Gaming

    Man, I can't believe peaceful doesn't exist anymore.

  • Itz DikaLMAO. - ディカ
    Itz DikaLMAO. - ディカ

    Bruh.... Fikri Yadi

  • hello

    fact:6x tnt makes a charged creeper

  • James Billington
    James Billington

    Make extra hard difficulty

  • Pientje

    "So I felt like buffing them wasn't really necessarily." *JUST KIDDING.*


    How to use these media fire links

  • ryan lion
    ryan lion

    Fundy: There are three difficulties Peaceful: Sad noises

    • LAUREN Repancol
      LAUREN Repancol

      well u cant beat minecraft peaceful mode lol