So I made a "Spooky" Difficulty in Minecraft...
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So I made a "Spooky" Difficulty in Minecraft...
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Outro music
In this video, I made a Minecraft, but Challenge / Difficulty where Spooky / halloween / scary gameplay is key. The entire game of Minecraft is changed into something scary. A lot of people have done "Minecraft, but" challenges on these difficulties, so I figured making a new one is the best thing to do. Have fun, goodluck. You will need it... Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play. I had a great time and making the video was great. I wonder if it's possible to do a Minecraft, but style video / challenge / competition / difficulty with this! Would love to see it! This was a really funny concept to work on, and I definitely enjoyed it all the way through. I hope you enjoy the video as well!
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  • Sabinka Rybanská
    Sabinka Rybanská

    Nikdy som ťa nevidel

  • Sabinka Rybanská
    Sabinka Rybanská

    Omg si to ty

  • Destroyer5521

    I am concerned that the video was made in the NETHERlands

  • Lenicka Samkova
    Lenicka Samkova

    this reminds me so much of the old slenderman game

  • Dhanesh Abhipraya
    Dhanesh Abhipraya

    me: "I hAvE WOndErSHArE fILMOrA nEIn"

  • Sal The RPG Nerd
    Sal The RPG Nerd

    Man's really said "what if cave sounds were worse


    I miss halloween

  • Username Not found
    Username Not found

    Fundy are you okay?

    • Username Not found
      Username Not found

      Gets scared*

  • VonGhost _101
    VonGhost _101

    Fundy: Shows the graph Me who's non-binary: 👁👄👁 geez youtube-

  • ACG2

    Sorry bud, but minecraft cave noises are more scarier than everything

  • Virginia Lover Productions
    Virginia Lover Productions

    Shades are just demogorgons

  • AntonioTheAndroidGamer

    Call a6d for this

  • chawshee

    the noise is terrifying

  • Audrizzle

    Fundy making the difficulty: Scared Fundy showing it on youtube: Scared Fundy Editing this: Scared

  • G and A
    G and A

    Me: is a girl and has watched pennywise and counting this ain't gonna scare Meh -_-

  • I don’t know what to do on this channel I love YOU
    I don’t know what to do on this channel I love YOU

    I can handle it

  • saidul ahad
    saidul ahad

    If this is what the surface is imagine what the cave noises will be like

    • saidul ahad
      saidul ahad


  • RapidYT

    Did he ever post the link to download it? I would definitely love to try this seems fun (●'◡'●)ノ♥


    Like here who didn't get scared 👇

  • Fine Voran
    Fine Voran

    Æ Æ Æ

  • GoatzVR

    I got a challenge: play this difficulty in vr

  • Cheesendo Cheese
    Cheesendo Cheese

    How about add Herobrine there

  • Lancer


  • Skullfire1088

    It's leik slender man lol

  • Mr Squidink
    Mr Squidink

    ok so when the shadow killed u 2nd time i just jumped and yeeted my headphones

  • Mr Squidink
    Mr Squidink


  • Rahquiem Jecyrel Quesada
    Rahquiem Jecyrel Quesada

    This is not a spooky, its a ScArY If you get you get it

  • Klongsky Vlogs
    Klongsky Vlogs

    Add a boo soun effect thing

  • Jhune Deguzman
    Jhune Deguzman

    can you make for bedrock edition pls

  • Animation Infamy
    Animation Infamy

    Everybody gangsta til someone creates a sound scarier than cave sounds

  • super_ Juanpro 999
    super_ Juanpro 999

    even in mexico this is in my reccomended (yes im mexican, what ya gonna do about it anyways)

  • Sanna Rasmussen
    Sanna Rasmussen

    I did not get scard... Edit: im 9 years old

  • Daisy The Destroyer
    Daisy The Destroyer

    The cave noises and Fundy running is me when I’m in a cave and the creepy cave music comes on


    "Scary" when?

  • daBestGamerz32


  • Chris London
    Chris London

    How do I download this

  • Daisy The Destroyer
    Daisy The Destroyer

    I can’t handle it. This should be fun! Edit, I’m a female! Yay!

  • Lillian Torres
    Lillian Torres

    7:12 that's where they got the idea for the Warden

  • Lillian Torres
    Lillian Torres

    You just made cave sounds worse why why cave sounds are already bad


    4:53 >_>

  • martine de roo
    martine de roo

    Ime not schard

  • • BeeBee •
    • BeeBee •

    I'm not sleeping tonight :')

  • Jeremy Bellah
    Jeremy Bellah

    How does this scare fundy but not me?

  • Beyond Nerds
    Beyond Nerds

    I got the same as twice in a row Your welcome fundy

  • Screamin Raptor
    Screamin Raptor

    Me who can barely play on easy mode survival: Sure bro!

  • Andrew Abolinsh
    Andrew Abolinsh

    Ahh, have I missed him posting it, or has he still not posted the finished version? :c

  • Ramiro Lucero Lopez
    Ramiro Lucero Lopez

    Now cave noises are everywhere

  • Nari

    Can someone please tell me where can I download this mod? please? :0

  • Muffy Pop Pop Chops
    Muffy Pop Pop Chops

    This not scary at all ♡♡♡

  • Yash Uthkar
    Yash Uthkar

    is the outro music not copy right?

  • najmul huda
    najmul huda

    I'm not scared

  • bryce Oxendine
    bryce Oxendine

    thay are scary for u

  • bryce Oxendine
    bryce Oxendine

    lol for u scary

  • bryce Oxendine
    bryce Oxendine

    /me being scared of minecraft lol do ur worst

  • L3XIC

    i rly want this mod in my pc

  • Heather Mallory
    Heather Mallory

    Where can I get this mode? (Bedrock edition)

  • itzBUBBY Studios
    itzBUBBY Studios

    Fundy: but if you're not good with jump scares then....bye Me who is VERY scared of jump scares: yeeeaaaahhh nnoooo tthaannkkssss *LATER* Me: *OH GOD*

  • ojos dorados
    ojos dorados

    Fundy: if you dont think you could handle it, bye me: **watches anyways**

  • Egehan Çalışkan
    Egehan Çalışkan

    ITS SPOOKY MONTH! * Does the dance *

  • StrikeTV

    When will this be complete so I can suffer?

  • bit_mate ֫
    bit_mate ֫

    when is the download ready?

  • drying !
    drying !

    ive watched ES for no longer then 5 minutes and because i like u fundy imma watch it till the END

    • drying !
      drying !


    • drying !
      drying !

      that fucking noises got me

    • drying !
      drying !

      btw im from germany so my english is pretty bad

  • Matyáš Pchálek
    Matyáš Pchálek

    minecraft but chickens poop diamonds

  • KrzyMat323

    i need to download this difficulity

  • Tien du Nguyen
    Tien du Nguyen

    seriously it´s just a wither

  • StormZapGD


  • SharkMY

    I love thiss

  • Steesy -loly
    Steesy -loly

    I played ddlc I think I’m ready for this (I haven’t watched the video yet)

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    I could see something when he talked about the shade but not really also I acsedently spelled the wrong and it said hothead because of the spell chack

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    4:40 lol

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    0:10 or 0:11 also I wrote 10 then I acsedently changed it to 11

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat

    You don’t know me

  • Мөнхбат Хангэрэл
    Мөнхбат Хангэрэл

    how to download that ?

  • random emotions
    random emotions

    Fundys character is adorable

  • Flynn Mitchell
    Flynn Mitchell

    how is this scary but it is cool :D

  • Remseshere

    fundy creates shades blind runs fast mojang few months later we added wardens

  • Mika Patrie
    Mika Patrie

    Scary ? no its not

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M

    I’m not scared

  • AmazingEgga

    Fundy: its so sCaRy my brain when it gets scared: tis but a scratch

  • TooLazyForThis

    My personal favorite is the cave sounds. As someone who has been in quite a few of them, I’m just sitting here like yea that’s exactly what a cave sounds like

  • Ahmed TheGamerBoy
    Ahmed TheGamerBoy


  • Aashaya Manandhar
    Aashaya Manandhar

    I’m going to beat this in vr hardcore

  • Cookie Queen
    Cookie Queen

    I um..i fell asleep to this but woke up to a nightmare., good job :D

  • Shadow

    The oringal cave sound are still scarier. Sorry Fundy

  • Lucas Frias
    Lucas Frias

    Ok i do not like dat lol

  • Jean Perpillant
    Jean Perpillant

    enderman: mmmm... fundy.... your flesh looks mighty scrumptios.... May i have.. a *PEEK*

  • ChemaTM

    ur gaah has the best XD

  • Cathy Rothwell
    Cathy Rothwell

    This is more than spooky man

  • SuperHashBoy

    You should make the sounds be connected to something.... for instance, the monsters in the cave or something.... or even NEW mobs.... EDIT: That way people would hear the sounds and actually know they were in danger...

  • Siiri Kadi Laanemets
    Siiri Kadi Laanemets

    Been waiting for the download link for 3 months please put download link

  • FennecMC

    You should get Mr. NotScaredEasilySoot to play this game mode

  • Plookz Cookie
    Plookz Cookie

    Þ þ

  • amogh pro
    amogh pro

    Laff no do not

  • amogh pro
    amogh pro


  • amogh pro
    amogh pro

    Bro that is,,,,,,,,.........

  • RedExe

    When will you release it?

  • Shaptak Naskar
    Shaptak Naskar

    Well I'm still waiting for Fundy to release this mod, so I can experience fear in Minecraft x2000🙂

    • RedExe


  • Tribaleiona

    people: minecraft isn't a horror game. fundy:

  • Vomer Conch
    Vomer Conch

    make it so when you get all 12 eyes it slowly becomes daytime and all the enemies and sound effects disappear

  • Disha Pandhere
    Disha Pandhere

    You could make a Minecraft Horror Movie whith this difficulty.