So I made the world fall apart... ft. Dream and George
Minecraft, but the World is falling apart... This has been the craziest thing I've ever done. Thanks a lot to Dream and George for joining me in this challenge, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.
You should definitely check them out if you haven't already!
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  • Amelia Sofyan_P25
    Amelia Sofyan_P25

    fundy confused at the time thats george and dream make a portal and thats the funny one thats fundy confused that he dont know what to do XD

  • Pea & Friends
    Pea & Friends

    a good old video

  • Princess Mauve
    Princess Mauve

    Love how this is technically a love triangle 😂 (if you base off the Fundy and Dream wedding lol)

  • Faker Name
    Faker Name

    Yes Gorge an ocean biome

  • Aaron Chang
    Aaron Chang

    When will they sing the lullaby lmfao

  • socio pathic
    socio pathic

    2:24 let me in, please.. LET ME IN

  • Миша

    10:47 oh George, you are so American

  • ItsOtavianna

    When geoge was riding in fundys boat i was like the two people we ship with dream sitting in a boat

  • Øçëåñ

    5:15 not anymore

  • ZingyKellen

    Eww are you playing a rip off mincraft?

  • Trisha Trinidad
    Trisha Trinidad

    So its already over 50k likes, and actually its been a while since it reached 50k, so where is the part 2+lullaby song? Hmm?

  • JellyFish Guitar
    JellyFish Guitar

    I like how in the thumbnail, Dream is standing on a clay Block

  • diamondsmasher0

    1:28 was him thinking about his life choices

  • Jimin noodle soup with a Suga on the side
    Jimin noodle soup with a Suga on the side

    17:58 wtf

  • Delilah Thoel
    Delilah Thoel


  • Gabriel Gaming 1125
    Gabriel Gaming 1125

    29:28 Dream: *tea kettle mode activated*

  • Mateusz Polak
    Mateusz Polak

    where is the 2nd part i cant find it

  • [• SugarPawz •]
    [• SugarPawz •]

    alternate title: minecraft but the world turns into a parkour course

  • skye The elf
    skye The elf

    Okay but he had blaze powder-

    • [• SugarPawz •]
      [• SugarPawz •]

      A xomment rhat was 15 hours ago-

  • Mr.Garfield

    Dream: If you get 50k likes me and george sing ok? Video: *Gets 160k likes* Dream: Was this even a good idea oh god

  • rockyanna

    20:20 that i- that made me so mad

  • Isla Gretan
    Isla Gretan

    THE VOID was said about 500 times

  • Gamer Kid 1243
    Gamer Kid 1243

    16:47 Fundy sacrafises his life for George lol

  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single person on earth: Me: Oooh, he's using shaders!

  • Titan Legend
    Titan Legend

    Dream you JINXED IT

  • Titan Legend
    Titan Legend

    Shouldn't it be EASY to find daimonds?

  • Titan Legend
    Titan Legend

    What mod are u using please

  • lig_htly.salted

    this video feels really scripted for some reason

  • Shraddha Shetty
    Shraddha Shetty

    Still waiting for that part 2..........

  • Sunny Duffy
    Sunny Duffy

    8:44 29:24 Dreams diamond axe

  • Grace Ho
    Grace Ho

    Fundy crafting fails: 0:46-0:50

  • Bandar 816
    Bandar 816

    Omg the world is ending lemme kill a dragon real quick

  • stuart maher
    stuart maher

    ‘Minecraft after the hunters catch dream’

  • Mariam El Shamy
    Mariam El Shamy

    when i watched this for the first time i legitimately thought gogs and dream were dating and fundy was a BIG third wheel i felt bad for him JASHKJAHDKJAHDKJ foreshadowing for the lore

  • E.J. de Leon
    E.J. de Leon

    5:16 George: (looks at baby slime jumping in the water) He looks way too happy.. George three seconds later: (kills baby slime)

  • James en Ramses
    James en Ramses

    I gotta say He got dream singing

  • Dylan VDD
    Dylan VDD

    4:53 WE NEED TO GO

  • Enforcement Co.
    Enforcement Co.

    14:20 - 15:35 what is this music called?

  • The MilkMan
    The MilkMan

    Yare yare daze

  • GoldFishYT

    The music at 24:09 legit freaked me out. IDK WHY but it made me question my reality.

  • W⃣a⃣t⃣e⃣r⃣m⃣e⃣l⃣o⃣n⃣

    What if the ender portal it’s Brocken lol

  • the original loser rip
    the original loser rip

    2:24 let me in pleaasseee

  • Alaina Dahir
    Alaina Dahir

    Wait fundy just sacrifice himself for his friends and they didnt say thank you

  • dream smp edits
    dream smp edits


  • Kaitlyn Redmon
    Kaitlyn Redmon

    3:23 fundy sounds EXACTLY like sykkuno! 👍

  • I always feel like Somebody’s watching me
    I always feel like Somebody’s watching me

    It’s come to a point where I *know* dream and George aren’t dating, but if they legit said they were, I would not be the least bit surprised.

  • Your Wifu sucks
    Your Wifu sucks

    POV: Dreams in jail now. 👀

  • Katrina Campbell
    Katrina Campbell

    7:32 lol George's eyes

  • Creative Libra
    Creative Libra

    *But where's part 2?*

  • Soviet caviar
    Soviet caviar

    Isn't this just like wilbur's minecraft but the world decays video

  • Michel Cole
    Michel Cole

    dream and george: yelling at each other, dying fundy: imma just smelt in this water-hole rq

  • Tamina LaBoy
    Tamina LaBoy

    well in minecraft they are but in real life there not

  • Olivia Torres
    Olivia Torres

    the love triangle...

  • Tn. Hizkia
    Tn. Hizkia

    6:13 How Did Dream Can Avoid The Ground With Water Using A Boat?! This Insaneless Minecraft Corrupt World =|

  • Generally Blocky
    Generally Blocky

    I dare you to beat this. 2b2t nether: Thats not a dare, thats tuesday!

  • mcytas

    here after the wedding?

  • Ashley vera Decaran
    Ashley vera Decaran

    Ah seems like their story is gonna be dream and fundy is going to get married and george's gonna ruined it by kissing dream in the wedding

  • Maddox Wong
    Maddox Wong

    why does the thumbnail look like L'Manburg...

  • K31-Z

    2:08 I think the mod ate the texture pack as well

  • Calista Shekinah
    Calista Shekinah

    r u ,ad cuz dream cheated on u for goerge

  • W̺͆i̺͆t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆r̺͆r̺͆o̺͆s̺͆e̺͆l̺͆p̺͆s̺͆

    here lies their shift bars 🪦🪦🪦

  • Malachy Blythe-Hanness
    Malachy Blythe-Hanness

    What texture pack does he ise

  • Taylan Hill
    Taylan Hill

    love the botw death screen XD

  • Tiger Dude
    Tiger Dude

    George: *:O* look at this cow! Dream and Fundy: Oh cool George: Woah it's like, down here... *:O*

  • Szymekem 1
    Szymekem 1

    nice texture pack

  • Charon Mayor
    Charon Mayor

    17:40 Pain

  • Rosexiicloudy

    Herobrine was in your world

  • Jason Frye
    Jason Frye

    Bro what happened to the texture pack

  • Arvid Fredriksson
    Arvid Fredriksson

    what is that beeping sound? Getting annoyed

  • Santiago Satta
    Santiago Satta


  • Antonio Belcastro
    Antonio Belcastro

    they're getting married now. Dream is just very Lucky

  • Uriah Meighan
    Uriah Meighan

    Music sounds so epic.

  • Paradox QuWack
    Paradox QuWack

    Wow fundy steal my jotark outfit but im the first guy who made jotaro skins in the whole world im the first guy who made jotaro skins after they released jojo's bizarre adventure stardust crusaders. But nice video.

  • Ashleigh Taylor
    Ashleigh Taylor

    29:25 my fav dream wheeze

  • irxdxscent

    7:31 ..George with eyes ;-;

  • Tqbs8955

    i love it

  • Aakash Pawar
    Aakash Pawar

    End of the Video in a nutshell Dream and George: Bickering like an old married couple Fundy: Listening and swimming calmly

  • CCreativess *
    CCreativess *

    11:30 dont mind i gotta mark my spot

  • Its jules and stuff
    Its jules and stuff

    the music is so intense

  • NikiChu

    Okay do it?? Dreamm

  • ari-saurus-rex


  • B. El
    B. El

    I can't guess if this vid's host is Fundy or Dream or George lmao the furry was productive yet silent while the 'old married couple' argued back and forth

  • Rori Waters
    Rori Waters

    3x likes later, where's our lullaby dream?

  • Emily Yau
    Emily Yau

    Dream and George argued like a *married couple* in the last few minutes

  • alex

    I’m watching this 10 months later and George said “let me in” haha thats crazy

  • Thatweirdo_teya

    Me whos still waiting for dream to sing

  • Hunter The Emerald Minecart 2
    Hunter The Emerald Minecart 2


  • Oinkers

    Alternate title: furry and teletuby and colorblind British boi try to survive 2020

  • Kimberly Hernandez
    Kimberly Hernandez

    Omg when George said "Let me in" in the begging I immediately thought of Charli Damilio when she said "Let me in pls".

  • Hailey Hardy
    Hailey Hardy

    And so the love triangle begins...

  • Weast_B

    So uh I see we’re a little above 50k likes😂 second part anyone?

  • Libby Martha
    Libby Martha

    where is the lullaby

  • Water Sixer
    Water Sixer

    Funny ask them if you can be in manhunt

  • Midasu Gaming
    Midasu Gaming

    You tried to marry one and the other took the bride

  • Green

    1:40 places block jumps past it Me:Wait werent you going to jump on that

  • gaming jazz and tiktocker
    gaming jazz and tiktocker

    Fundy:there's actually lava buckets *dream when he hungry:ya lava pockets

  • Ämbér_Røšē

    Just to say i wheeze like dream a lot i sound like a dying horse

  • SlyFox

    This is the first Fundy video I ever watched. Because of the Dream part. Now he's my comfort streamer and Dream doesn't go live.

  • thephantom claw
    thephantom claw

    wheres part 2?

  • randumstonks

    Fundy just made a mod where instead of waiting in line to get into 2b2t you can just have it in your own world. So basically the mod is your own 2b2t!