So I made Minecraft ACTUALLY impossible...
I decided to add my own difficulty to Minecraft and make the game impossible. This was crazy, and incredibly dangerous, but so much fun to make...
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The plugin is written for a Minecraft 1.15.2 Spigot server. It is not a mod!

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Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play.

  • Fundy

    Subscribe or I'll steal your shoes I really hope this doesn't get beaten in 2 days. again.

    • Fundy

      Can I be your friend, Fundy?

    • Papyrus in the wall
      Papyrus in the wall

      Big fan

    • Kay Innit
      Kay Innit

      im already subscribed, but if you stole my shoes, its just another excuse to stay inside

    • OverFire Minecraft
      OverFire Minecraft


    • Sk Lol
      Sk Lol

      Steal them then

  • Alan Sherwood
    Alan Sherwood


  • CluKoi

    Pigmen: we only get mad if you punch us Piglin: Hello, just wear gold and we will be fine

  • DiscordPlayz

    "so i removed pigs from the game" technoblade wants to know your location

  • mattpro46

    how to beat a ravager: p i l l a r

  • Matthew Hewitt
    Matthew Hewitt

    How to make minecraft 100% impossible: make the entire surface lava, or remove the end portal.

  • Caiden McAuley
    Caiden McAuley

    o7 miss zombie pigmen

  • randomBees

    Dude, just put infinite harming potions in a dispenser in a bedrock cage in a 4x4 world.

  • jason warnick
    jason warnick

    2:53 fundys shirt

  • Cool gooy
    Cool gooy

    That’s not impossible (me in my head)wth wth wth wth

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    I like foxes

  • DreamySky

    This is the best I could not beat it

  • Zidane Van Buerle
    Zidane Van Buerle

    OMG what happened to Minecraft to fundy

  • Potato and chips
    Potato and chips

    If anyone thinks that they can beat it be my guest but I ain’t gonna get absolutely destroyed by ever mob in the game. I am going to surrender while I can

  • Jessica Meinhofer
    Jessica Meinhofer

    i scared of thunder storms- but your just being annoyed instead of scared, lucky 😭

  • Anthony Alejandro Dacayan
    Anthony Alejandro Dacayan

    Actually the bug is real when you have more than one account on one cell phone or laptop or ipad you lose your subscribers


    "There is a huge thunderstorm outside"

  • Rama Shrestha
    Rama Shrestha

    Me an intellectual: delete stronghold

  • Katiific

    I got thunder in my house right now

  • José Antonio Leonardo ALZAMORA PASACA
    José Antonio Leonardo ALZAMORA PASACA

    I hate you, how the hell is the new difficulty placed

  • DODS

    You should have made wooden swords give you poison

  • chris tampes
    chris tampes

    Do impossible++++

  • Penny Tuviera
    Penny Tuviera

    Wadzee how hard was the imposibal mode?

  • 𝙉𝙚𝙤𝙣 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 • 𝙥𝙫𝙥
    𝙉𝙚𝙤𝙣 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 • 𝙥𝙫𝙥


  • Krazy Kobra Gaming
    Krazy Kobra Gaming

    Is your skin Jotaro

  • Mj K
    Mj K

    yeah no i cant even get iron armor without active cheats soooooo minecraft is already impossible

    • Mj K
      Mj K

      for me of course

  • Wendy Mitchell
    Wendy Mitchell

    Umm the same you tuber beat you again sooooooo :-;

  • Ethan Gan
    Ethan Gan

    He should have made it so that if you sleep you can’t leave the bed and the sleep time is 9 irl hours

  • RudikKR

    Nerkin win ender dragon

  • broken fireball
    broken fireball

    Why do you say that THATS NOT THE CASE!!!

  • Alien_Alex_

    Technoblade never die

  • Paul Busschau
    Paul Busschau

    Can I Join the dream smp

  • keesh


  • Jacob Lim
    Jacob Lim

    I did this mod and ITS SO HARD!

  • Niki Carlson
    Niki Carlson

    The glitch happened to me bye glitch I mean mom

  • Malcolm Massenburg
    Malcolm Massenburg

    what if you had this in rlcraft?

  • The Official Brownie
    The Official Brownie

    Can this work on pocket edition if not it’s fine

  • Jose

    Fundy: cows are better than pigs Techno: I feel betrayed Fundy: *makes pigs dissapear* Techno: ... Blood for the blood god, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. *B L O O D F O R T H E B L O O D G O D*


    Difficulty imposinle ++++++=-+==

  • Adam Akoum
    Adam Akoum


  • Izuku Midoriya Fan
    Izuku Midoriya Fan

    He tried to remove technoblade!!!!!

  • Zach Muir
    Zach Muir


  • spinel the real
    spinel the real

    i sub and i watched the vid and look at sub and it was off! bug real

  • Haiqa Talib
    Haiqa Talib

    Dood you could of made all mobs hostile and muten and instead of 1 ender dragon make 50 and also 50 mutant withers

  • D U C K
    D U C K

    Fundy I have an idea when a furnace is still burning even after its done when you carry it it gives you fire damage because your carrying a furnace. Please like this comment do fundy sees

  • Kasie Beam
    Kasie Beam

    Have it u die in one hit bruh

  • Ayo Huh?
    Ayo Huh?

    9:54 billy bob and bobby

  • SeriousNorbo

    4:20 awww, the baby has it's father's eyes.

  • Samantha Lott
    Samantha Lott

    You like pain? I'll give you pain!

  • James Lippert
    James Lippert

    Add were when animals get set on fire they go strayt back to normal and not on fire

  • Theguywiththemask

    You were in creative at the start

  • Wongo.

    Subbed, pls don’t steal my shoes :(

  • Blaxk_ Pixie
    Blaxk_ Pixie

    I would put this plugin on my server if not for the random durability on tools

  • lonk hoolrule
    lonk hoolrule

    This makes beets useful!

  • Samscorch82

    1:02 I fell like you changed nothing here

  • Ashlynn Somers
    Ashlynn Somers

    Fundy: *making a nice little video showing off a difficulty* Nature and Storms in general: let me stop you right there buddy its my time to shine

  • Kevin Weathers
    Kevin Weathers

    An entire game mode around lord Garfield would be great

  • Steven Ok gg boiii
    Steven Ok gg boiii

    Slimecicle made harder one by just f**ing around

  • King Viceo
    King Viceo

    YES I want it so I can give it to my friends and make them rage 😩

  • FRANZ Agustin
    FRANZ Agustin

    I beat this in 2 hours ngl

  • Rhea Albito
    Rhea Albito

    Fundy is from Netherlands i know ut just right! Now

  • Archimedes Pilatos
    Archimedes Pilatos


  • Boyoung Moon
    Boyoung Moon

    Hi fundy

  • Jovy Lim
    Jovy Lim

    Oh no technoblade is coming with his army of pigs the pig ligen has come

  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski

    the thunder was probably the blood god telling technoblade what fundy did to the pigs

  • Fallen._.Forest

    I BEAT IT 🤪🤣🥳

  • david groenevelt
    david groenevelt

    Why is the location in the description the netherlands i live in the netherlands

  • Anis saber
    Anis saber

    I did it it was ez

  • Harold Buhat
    Harold Buhat

    Fundy, Your friends hate you Just kidding you dont have friends


    Can you add the tripping feature there is a chance to break you neck

  • Jasim Uddin
    Jasim Uddin

    Prob dream can beat dis lol

  • Bobert The Chicken
    Bobert The Chicken

    Fundy: Cows are better then pigs. Technoblade: I’ll prove you wrong. Boffy: I must kill all living creatures but cows are the worst. Me: You are all wrong. Chickens are superior.

  • Derick Vasqez
    Derick Vasqez

    If you boil in ur armor you should enchant it with fire protection.

  • EExtremeEyoel

    Call yourself *Funky* instead of Fundy

  • -Lorando the Pepa Piglet-
    -Lorando the Pepa Piglet-

    .... EZ

  • Private John Powder•246 years ago……………
    Private John Powder•246 years ago……………

    If you wanna make it realistic with the tripping, install RealCW. It adds rocks and leaves and the grass.

  • Ozan Bibinoglu
    Ozan Bibinoglu

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wait This looked ez

  • • Vixery •
    • Vixery •

    4:27 TechnoBlade be like: *TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES*

  • Izzy bewa
    Izzy bewa

    I really want to try but I use a iPod do you know how I can play?

  • lei yang
    lei yang

    Techno would be pissed

  • Ava Sorce
    Ava Sorce

    I know how to make it impossible, just make it so there is no portals

  • Mono

    pigs are much much better than cows so your wrong

  • Bipo Bobo
    Bipo Bobo

    I really really wanna try this but I play Bedrock 😑

  • Raccoon

    7:05 i love how that sand blocks at the very back just casually starts flying

  • carzard

    The red and black merch is bbh

  • Hamzah Teladia
    Hamzah Teladia

    The tools randomly breaking reminds me of breath of the wild

  • ItsUnpug

    “gulp” -Wadzee

  • Aung Naing
    Aung Naing

    What do you steal my shoes Have a grandpa And I have family

  • DJ JeetGamer
    DJ JeetGamer

    I beat it It’s hard

  • Harry Mak
    Harry Mak

    but let trees live but if you hit a tree you die

  • Harry Mak
    Harry Mak

    or you could remove evrything but the griund and make the sun burn you

  • lafis_lala_lu Acquah
    lafis_lala_lu Acquah

    While I was enjoying my 15th birthday (I'm 16 and its time to drive😎) your playing mincraft

  • Zoidslayer81

    Remember when fundy’s profile picture had a happy face like the one on his merch?

  • Fundy

    Can I be your friend, Fundy?

  • Wingenbach Family
    Wingenbach Family

    Sorry fundy but wadzee beat first try 0 deaths again

  • Lego Daniel Perez 671
    Lego Daniel Perez 671


  • TapToGamePlay

    How Can I Get The mod? Make a Video Your Video is Cool Make a Video!

  • Mohammed Nadasen-Karim
    Mohammed Nadasen-Karim

    He did it again

  • The_Cript0 _
    The_Cript0 _

    it would be cool if water, hay bales and beds didnt reduce fall damage (and like everything that reduce fall damage) this will really make it impossible

  • Christine Siguenza
    Christine Siguenza

    ComanadGeek made it 10 time imposible