So I broke Minecraft with eggs...
Breaking Minecraft with eggs, It all started off so innocently...
This video was made from highlights of my stream, go check it out :D
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  • Amit Gupta
    Amit Gupta

    He has a strong pc

  • game rumble
    game rumble

    Jo fundy hoe gaat t

  • Matthew Corlett [Student]
    Matthew Corlett [Student]

    fundy: whats happening me: that is the sign of you pc going nuclear

  • JaydenGamer8

    1:35 *C H I C K E N C I R C L E*

  • Maddy Games
    Maddy Games

    Fundy furry

  • Luna Love
    Luna Love

    Does someone know how to get his texturepack i have been looking for that one for a while

  • Fatima Abaani
    Fatima Abaani

    .you.!what :me: o god xjjzjdjdjfjf

  • Baro Oxide
    Baro Oxide

    Make the villager immune to every kind of damage and spawn thousands of wither

  • UwUCorded

    12:38 Guess pucci wasn't the only one who have obtained heaven

  • Daanvip123

    What components are in your pc?

  • Ayla Cochrane
    Ayla Cochrane

    At 2:02.. What did the donation notification just say-

  • The Crust
    The Crust

    9:50 next time can you do it in a glass dome? plz

  • Happi Camille
    Happi Camille

    Joel would hate this.

  • Logan Goldberg
    Logan Goldberg

    Nobody: Chat at 3:42: ÆÜGH

  • Hype Society
    Hype Society

    Try making a difficulty where the Minecraft world is just a jungle

  • Lisa Trembath
    Lisa Trembath


  • Joey Hockey
    Joey Hockey

    wen you went in the end crystal my brother is doing a cool dance on the ground

  • Myri

    "egg control the world''-fundy 2020, BBH&antfrost 2021

  • Volt Plays Minecraft
    Volt Plays Minecraft

    I have the fluffy cat in the back too, i have a grey one. I got it at Van Piere

  • Mathyew Mathyew
    Mathyew Mathyew

    dont use 750 boats with a potato computer

  • BW Duke Studios
    BW Duke Studios

    Text: so the video started off so innocently Fundy: throws 20 chickens into lava


    7:09 calexico be like

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    7:35 back of a missile

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    1:34 chicken: *I DEMAND SEEDS*

  • cutsey unicorn :3
    cutsey unicorn :3

    aye what if you make the egg jump in the same place while spawning trees

  • Raphyline _24
    Raphyline _24

    9:46 its literally the butterfly effect

  • Alžbet :D
    Alžbet :D

    fundy: ohh, theres so many! also fundy after 0.001 seconds: **throws another 3 eggs with slimes**

  • Shifty Sword
    Shifty Sword

    repeat command block x2 command block 1 /execute at @e[type=egg] summon snowball command block 2 /exexute at @e[type=snowball] summon egg break minecraft with one egg

  • Ashton Langham
    Ashton Langham

    So what i thought you cold do is to do lit tnt

  • Jayden Madankar
    Jayden Madankar

    Ngl the tree one looks HELLA pretty and peacful

  • Arson's funeral
    Arson's funeral

    why do my dollar store chips taste like tax fraud?

  • Olivier

    I find it interesting that, from what I know, that part with the eggs is how viruses also act when they reproduce in the human body, I remember seeing an infographic that looked like it

  • jChristian Benitez
    jChristian Benitez

    When you place a egg with 2000000000 slime your minecraft will get crash

  • grzegorz LADNIAK
    grzegorz LADNIAK

    This is from a man that wore a maid costume and built a chair

  • Karl Marx Ricardo
    Karl Marx Ricardo

    5:40 Me making a intro

  • d&t

    "the egg controls everything" that aged well.

  • The Best Fall Guy of the World
    The Best Fall Guy of the World

    he was rebuilding the enverment.

  • Not Much Time
    Not Much Time

    14:58 RİP villager

  • Goldocle Plays
    Goldocle Plays

    3:30 giant elephant toothpaste videos be like : 5:36 when you want just a boat from your friend and he gives 50+ boats saying that they were useless : Slime after getting killed : 6:22

  • Goldocle Plays
    Goldocle Plays

    1 egg spawn 50 chickens and 2 more eggs at once your pc will crash

  • Harvey Raynor
    Harvey Raynor


  • Kavitha Hawaldar
    Kavitha Hawaldar

    The villager is a celebrity

  • Mahdi _Crafter
    Mahdi _Crafter

    7:06 crainer's favorite view

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    13:49???? Look at the chickens

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    13:23 team trees would approve

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    It's a disco in the sky

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    That egg is going to space

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    I like how right when he said too late the game timed out

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    8:15 and this is how America nuked Japan

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures


  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    I was hoping that when he move the boat he was in in the water the other boats would turn his into a rocket

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    The boats made a cool fizzle in the water

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    I like how he was trying to /kill all the slimes so his computer wouldn't break but every time he did it it would spawn more so he would be breaking his computer more

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    1:47 that one chicken went to space

  • Zack Attack Adventures
    Zack Attack Adventures

    1:36 it either looks like pie or a pizza with white cheese or a wierd beyblade

  • Zoe Biggs
    Zoe Biggs

    Remember when he won that fridge

  • Tristan Matteo Bangcaya
    Tristan Matteo Bangcaya

    The flying villager be like Villger:i believe i can fly

  • Ganendra Nugroho
    Ganendra Nugroho


  • Gioele Ronaldo
    Gioele Ronaldo

    12:37 is that a jojo reference is that made in heaven ???

  • ღ Nihilist-IC ღ
    ღ Nihilist-IC ღ

    Every time the egg hits the sun shifts Me: shits?

    • ღ Nihilist-IC ღ
      ღ Nihilist-IC ღ

      I have very bad hearing

  • Michael Carey
    Michael Carey

    1:33 chicken beyblade

  • Benjamemes

    *good night pc*

  • Yaseen Alansari
    Yaseen Alansari

    what shaders do u use?

  • Ollies Adventures
    Ollies Adventures

    Egz are more powerful than u thought

  • Foot shoe man
    Foot shoe man


  • Jay

    the words "the squad is travellin'" while watching eggs bounce in different directions will never not be funny

  • skylrgry

    fav is bouncing cute egg kinda cute

  • _ Unholy
    _ Unholy

    14:43 What is that twitch chat from friendly what ever the tf his name is. _tf?_

  • Knobble

    is noone going to talk how slow is fundys chat compared to now?

  • Cherry lemon
    Cherry lemon


    • Cherry lemon
      Cherry lemon

      You said shit

  • Lindsey Barnes
    Lindsey Barnes

    Boat meat ball

  • probably not dead
    probably not dead

    8:17 the way he silently watched the TNT get launched then halfway tried to follow it has me crying oml Just like "...Oh."

  • Trace Gibson
    Trace Gibson

    instead of 2.86 million subs he deserves 400 million

  • Tray_GMR10


  • Sarah Escuadra
    Sarah Escuadra

    song name in 3:34

  • chaostomate 444
    chaostomate 444

    i go get something when i come back wait didnt i slept in ya go back ya wake up in youre bed and dont remember anything thank to god that grandma was here i slept realy in when i wach fundy i die from laugh XD

  • Mochiminu_

    Fundy's "Fundy-sama is pleasured to be your master" twitch alerts really caught me off guard, like I laughing out of shock

  • Henry Giberson
    Henry Giberson

    you are a great guy

  • Puppet Plays
    Puppet Plays

    8:12 the tnt looks so round and soft looking

  • Nathan Petty
    Nathan Petty

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi i hi i

  • JDMMaster26

    now instead of breaking eggs with minecraft you can break minecraft with eggs

  • _Aargamations _
    _Aargamations _

    Poultry man is taking notes

  • Niark

    L'Manberg be like : 8:16

  • GD Luigi
    GD Luigi

    Time moves, so what? My guys just playing egg inc on tachyon farm

  • L30MGBR


  • Fake Name
    Fake Name

    6:24 is VERY trippy

  • Maddie

    Oh Floris your so creative! (Got your Real name on google I’m not a stalker or anything)

  • Sufian Alabd
    Sufian Alabd


  • Nini Pou
    Nini Pou

    I was at a funeral listening to your vid tho- lol pog and everyone was lookin at me weirdly XD and i had headphones dont worry XD

  • Daniel’s Vlogs & Gaming
    Daniel’s Vlogs & Gaming

    Can you show us how to get this mod or make a tutorial on how to code it please? I bet a lot of people including me would appreciate that.

  • idk what to say same here
    idk what to say same here

    9:00 when eggceotion starts

  • Thong Nguyen
    Thong Nguyen

    *ItsFundy has been slain by a phantom’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s*

  • Coletheman02

    1:30 Father, I require *S E E D S .*

  • Robotic Gamer
    Robotic Gamer

    Fundy: *Makes shapes that shouldn't be in Minecraft* Me:He's to dangerous to be kept alive!

  • exmor

    14:57 Villager = Guy who made a joke in twiter Withers = Twitter & Cancel Cult

  • Ivan

    Did you have a face reveal?

  • Eggz

    5:13 Sounds like pewdiepie.

  • gachagirl .gaming
    gachagirl .gaming

    13:14 dit is hoe we de opwarming van de aarde moeten stoppen XD

  • Three Seas
    Three Seas

    14:57 when you bring a pack of gum to school

    • Shahlemon

      @Three Seas but was I wrong? You obviously were grasping for attention with a false stereotype

    • Three Seas
      Three Seas

      @Shahlemon hey that’s called a joke try again next time

    • Shahlemon

      Literally nobody is that obsessed with gum in school that's just a stereotype said to try and gain popularity orr recognition in some way or the other

  • CloudPlays

    and the fox broke the eggs again