So I made a "Cursed" Difficulty in Minecraft...
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You guys asked for it, I made a custom difficulty in Minecraft. A sequel to the Impossible, Nightmare and Baby Mode Difficulty... But a lot more cursed...
Cursed Difficulty:
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This was a lot of fun to make. Obviously this is the sequel to the impossible difficulty and impossible++ and nightmare difficulty in Minecraft, which have been challenged all throughout BG-chat lately.
A lot of people have done "Minecraft, but" challenges on these difficulties, so I figured making a new one is the best thing to do. Have fun, goodluck. You will need it... Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play.
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  • Legendary_Lucas Guerreiro
    Legendary_Lucas Guerreiro

    Thx for the 250$ 🤑

  • Md. kutubuddin Uzzal
    Md. kutubuddin Uzzal


  • IoSonoCrescy ITA
    IoSonoCrescy ITA

    Fundy: this is all your fault Me, a noob in minecraft that not blamed nothin' in others difficulty: 'ight, imma head out

  • Ottoman techer
    Ottoman techer

    how about a ranged difficulity that forces players to use ranged weapons with nerfing melee and buffing ranged and mobs

  • martine de roo
    martine de roo

    Can you get the super power boots ? Fundy

  • Datu Rhedd Rahman Makalingkang
    Datu Rhedd Rahman Makalingkang

    Maka a “hell” difficulty

  • Shrimp for nobody
    Shrimp for nobody

    New difficulty to recommend: Ultimate Impossible -Every single mob is a wither boss except the dragon -Every wither skull a wither launches at you is rapidfire and x10 explosion -No water exists, it’s all lava. -an end portal needs 10 ender eyes to count as one inside a frame -not to worry, if you somehow kill a wither, it will drop the item of the mob it’s supposed to be -You have to kill 5 ender dragons. -every end crystal explodes a whole chunk -you start with half a heart and 5 bars of hunger -Diamonds, iron and other ores don’t exist. It’s just stone wood and leather, -every block you place has a 30% chance of being a wither instead. -every time you eat, you will get slowness and the sentence “You ate too much food...” will appear on your screen -Every block is slippery -withers sometimes can spawn invisible -on a 40% chance, you can place/throw an item/block randomly in your inventory Meaning you dropped a block/item Also you can mine obsidian with a stone pickaxe, but, it takes 3 minutes. Also to light the portal you’ll have to use lava

  • Hallvard Westbye
    Hallvard Westbye

    USE a netter portal in end

  • ManPaun Game
    ManPaun Game


  • General Zheng
    General Zheng

    2020-2024 in a nutshell I guess

  • GD Vicious bee
    GD Vicious bee

    4:15 come on, you need to increase the thorns level 6:34 seriously you need to increase the duration 1 hour is too short 12:37 define "weird stuff"

  • Emas Ahmed
    Emas Ahmed

    You have to pay 25000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars

  • Reuben Leonard
    Reuben Leonard

    here is my idea for a minecraft mode, i call it the f*ck you mode here is some features of this mode 1: every 30 seconds you lose 5 hearts 2: all animals are stupidly op mobs 3: mining a block takes an hour 4: you are eternally blind 5: amour doesn't exist 6: food doesn't exist 7: weapons don't exist 8: all crafting recipes are changed 9: you get slowness 50 for 10 minutes every time you step on grass 10: on your screen is big white writing saying f*ck you AT ALL TIMES 11: if you stay still for more than 2 seconds you get yeeted 12: a wither will randomly spawn every 5 minutes 13: the nether portal has to be 100x100 no more and no less 14: nether fortresses are made out of magma blocks 15: blazes only have a 1% chance of dropping a blaze rod 16: lava instantly kills you if you are within 10 blocks of it 17: you cant sleep if there are mobs in a 2000 block radius of you 18: a vex will spawn behind you every 10 seconds 19: placing blocks will also take an hour 20: all sounds are replaced with a bell ringing 21: only one stronghold exists 22: there is a 50% chance of an end portal not spawning 23: eyes of ender don't lead you to the stronghold 24: the end crystals are unbreakable 25: the ender dragon has 10,000 health 26: you only have ONE life because F*CK YOOOOOOUUUU make this mode and try to beat it. I DARE YOU feel free to add more features is you wish

  • The soviet union
    The soviet union

    FW: sponsor ends at 3:32 btw

  • Megan Gil
    Megan Gil

    For mining the grass you played yourself because the explosion breaks the grass.

  • XxChase_Gamer Plays
    XxChase_Gamer Plays

    my two favorite lines. *"because.. gun."* *"no need to worry cuz you can have 5 different characters-- now thats more friends than i have :("*

  • Cloud285standing

    Who needs to destroy crystals if you could just use beds

  • Cloud285standing

    When fundy said frag pro shooter thought it was raid shadow legends

  • fongus

    this is just normal minecraft, what did you actually add?

  • Máté Gulyás
    Máté Gulyás

    this was beated already cause someone did it and can send proof of it?

  • fox gaming
    fox gaming

    Wheres prestons 200?

  • Chien-Ju Ho
    Chien-Ju Ho

    The tense battle cytogenetically allow because collision electrophysiologically rock midst a eight protocol. tangible, limping cloth

  • killer gamer
    killer gamer


  • Svetlana Ostojić
    Svetlana Ostojić

    I can beat it i see some youtubers play this difficulty its easy

  • Shittake Mushroom
    Shittake Mushroom

    Amount of times he said ever so slightly 👇

  • William Howatt
    William Howatt


  • Kong ADN
    Kong ADN



    mix this with nightmare mode 2 and you get cursed nightmares


    exploding grass is fun what next difficulty ... fundy

  • Vaibhav Sen
    Vaibhav Sen

    Next difficulty of fundy You spawn you die 😂

  • Westnile9 West Nile
    Westnile9 West Nile

    Please upload again :)

  • Krišjānis Songailo
    Krišjānis Songailo

    Sb737 beated it.

  • Milkycowwy

    Fundy: your not gonna have a fun time Sans: YOUR GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME

  • Kuba - minecraft gamer lol
    Kuba - minecraft gamer lol

    Make A crazy difficuldy let me know in coommets -me 2021

  • გიორგი კვარაცხელია
    გიორგი კვარაცხელია

    Make cursed++

  • S1NPAI

    250 aint enough

  • Weng Kasen
    Weng Kasen


  • y e s
    y e s

    and thats the story of how minecraft sweats took over fundys bank account

  • Muhammad Jesus Wong
    Muhammad Jesus Wong

    yo Gamenight actually beat this

  • Lyle

    My actual aim with a bow tho

  • Cooper Sheehan
    Cooper Sheehan


  • ʙʟᴜᴇʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ
    ʙʟᴜᴇʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ

    u should make a server were all of out ideas and we have to survive it just an idea

  • Jerrico Mateo
    Jerrico Mateo

    I spent 10 hours trying to beat this difficulty

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott

    make a “only night” difficulty

  • Theif behind the Mask
    Theif behind the Mask

    *C A P I T A L I S M*

  • Alper Yilmaz
    Alper Yilmaz

    Anyone knows that Fundy lives in the Netherlands?

  • Gradient64 // Gem Productions
    Gradient64 // Gem Productions

    I want Nerkin to beat it

  • Phil Iz
    Phil Iz

    So I can bring food for my family Like you have one

  • Jet de N
    Jet de N

    I beat the game really I enjoy it

  • Jet de N
    Jet de N

    Yeah I will be your friend

  • Jet de N
    Jet de N

    Sorry I like your videos to

  • Jet de N
    Jet de N


  • Jet de N
    Jet de N

    Pls how do you do this I feel not so happy

  • kok fong
    kok fong

    mind the gaps

  • kok fong
    kok fong

    mind the grass

  • Crystal 101
    Crystal 101

    Well this is like socksfor1 suggested

  • [ash Ketchum ertaiment]
    [ash Ketchum ertaiment]

    {\__/} ( • - •) / >lr--

    • [ash Ketchum ertaiment]
      [ash Ketchum ertaiment]

      {\__/} ( • _ •) /. >=

  • Penguinz Gamez
    Penguinz Gamez

    'Class is important pay attention' Me, watching this instead of doing my school work: How about, no

  • Joseph Lugo
    Joseph Lugo

    fundy: haha blocks go bOOm

  • Unlimited-Oceans

    He’s literally raging at his own gamemode..,

  • Mushrom GD
    Mushrom GD

    Make an "LITTERALLY IMPOSSIBLE" gamemode. If you are still for 5 seconds or more, you die. Every mob is a horrible boss, say a cow. It can use Milk blast, pounce, & cheese bomb. It has 200 health. You can also trip,with a 25% chance to every step you take, but if you do, you go to half a heart, NO MATTER WHAT, and all your items randomly fly and land within a 25 block radius. Every block you mine, takes 2 times longer to break, has only a 70% chance of dropping, and has a 40% chance of exploding. Throw an egg, and it stays on the ground for 30 real-time seconds, and explodes. The chicken goes flying, and I mean it. FLYYYYYYYIIINNNGGG. And grass is poison ivy. If you trip on it, you die 20 seconds later, so get a bed. Items fly within a 15 block radius when you die. Armor breaks 5 times faster. When you smelt stuff, it takes 5 times longer. With ores, (iron and gold) you only get a nugget. Arrows never go where you want, and have a 20% chance of going up for 2 seconds, and coming down, hitting you, killing you no matter what. When you die, everything in your inventory that you crafted, and I mean EVERYTHING, SINCE YOU STARTED, uncrafts, and it all flies like I said, but not 1 item will stack for 5 seconds. Sand has a 10% chance to turn to a pebble, & a 5% chance to turn to a poison rock. Sandstone not included. The trip, also known a the Accidently-slip-on-your-own-feet-and/or-the-ground-and-die. Yes, it has a cool animation! It actually looks like you fall! Your view turns to a -90° angle and you get up after 5 seconds. And any old block can turn into a horrible HORRIBLE boss, when you least expect it. Does this give you an idea of my cruel cruel cruel imagination? ALL THE TREES ARE FLOATONG. THE MOST IMPORTANT BLOCK IS GONE. THE 2ND BLOCK TO THE BOTTOM. Did I mention that every block turns to a charged creeper when you break it? I cant think of any more. Its just taking up space. Diamonds turn into drownedes with enchanted trident, but the diamond still drops. Use my pinned and unpinned comments.

  • Imthat Napkin
    Imthat Napkin

    *Fundy trying to explain the end* and lets say you're a pro-gamer and- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-

  • Krista & Jesenya Nelson
    Krista & Jesenya Nelson

    I used this mood to prank my friend I built a home with the blocks and it was dirt

  • GetTheGamers

    5:45 steve becomes mosis

  • Randomness Is randomness
    Randomness Is randomness

    but wait, the furnace pickaxe smelts iron automatically when you mine it. HMMMMMMMM

  • Darr?

    You can destroy the grasses with water, you can set animals on fire? for food, put block between you and the block ur going to break, you can also destroy flowers with water, use cobwebs/boats to replace water mlg, killing mobs with lava bucket/fire ( make sure u dont touch the fire/lava ;/ ), smelt iron? nah just kill iron golems or blacksmiths, dungeon. if I got anything wrong sorry.

  • King of Noobz
    King of Noobz

    10:00 “smelt” 😩🤌

  • I'm _rainbow
    I'm _rainbow


  • AzulaX

    2030 2b2t combat meta: grass pvp

  • Lihuen banegas
    Lihuen banegas

    i hate yiu

  • Lihuen banegas
    Lihuen banegas

    i hate yiu

  • Sporgus Wacc
    Sporgus Wacc

    Better yet Make the Spawn rate of phantoms to only 1 night of not sleeping and then instead of 3 phantoms that spawn Make 50 spawn

  • Hamza Abohady
    Hamza Abohady

    Me and my brother is it 200 times it's easy

  • Milo Lifely
    Milo Lifely

    Just enderpearl in the portal

  • T Myerz
    T Myerz

    Hi I love you videos

  • Titan Legend
    Titan Legend

    The people who say these mods are easy are ARROGANT Fundy these mods are TERRIBLE these are harder than 5000 days hardcore!!

  • Darin D
    Darin D

    u cant eat meat anyway?

  • christopher Sidamon
    christopher Sidamon

    SB737 beat this 2 times cursed nightmare impossible and random

  • nuuska chef
    nuuska chef

    how i can download this

  • I'm a gamer boy
    I'm a gamer boy

    I'm Irish we don't use $ WE use €

  • MrmcgamesYT

    ez bruh

  • GamingKid?

    i wanna be ur friend

  • Dorian Freeman
    Dorian Freeman

    I know how to win just stand in the portal at the end

  • A V I X I T Y TTV-YT
    A V I X I T Y TTV-YT

    I just thought about it, you can go through the ender portal with enderpearls. Someone take that tip and use it!

  • Eric 64
    Eric 64

    4:42 IT GAVE BIRTH!

  • RowLum

    Use ender Pearl after you beat ender dragon

  • Martha Galaviz
    Martha Galaviz

    Why not make anything hive 1 hit KOs

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord

    Shitty Game Promotion Skip button: 3:30

  • The Cute And Wonderful Brae
    The Cute And Wonderful Brae

    There's a pan flag on his skin

  • GHØST 141
    GHØST 141

    cursed diffuculty? more like IMPLOSEBLE DIFFYCULTY 234823084750285324

  • ACE Mesa
    ACE Mesa

    What about Blursed difficulty?

  • Galaxy games
    Galaxy games

    Did someone tell him what cursed means?

  • Ninja Bros.
    Ninja Bros.


  • 099 Bendy ink
    099 Bendy ink

    I did


    In frag i got all the charaters and i came to the last arena

  • Kayden

    0:18 I thought Fundy was family friendly!

  • Playing LOL
    Playing LOL

    I've play frag before and I got addicted on that but I uninstall frag

  • BinhPro

    lmao Netherland are u in the nether or something

  • phenomenon

    i have never slammed my desk so hard in my life

  • Gaulg Gamer
    Gaulg Gamer

    HA JOKES ON YIU I CAN USE CREATIVE MODE >:D and I watched the whole video :( fineee I’ll do it legit

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