So I made a "Cursed" Difficulty in Minecraft...
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You guys asked for it, I made a custom difficulty in Minecraft. A sequel to the Impossible, Nightmare and Baby Mode Difficulty... But a lot more cursed...

Cursed Difficulty:

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Outro music

This was a lot of fun to make. Obviously this is the sequel to the impossible difficulty and impossible++ and nightmare difficulty in Minecraft, which have been challenged all throughout BG-chat lately.

A lot of people have done "Minecraft, but" challenges on these difficulties, so I figured making a new one is the best thing to do. Have fun, goodluck. You will need it... Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play.

  • AGarts

    The thing with exiting the nether is literally just how portals work in bedroom

  • Daboistudios

    if i had my own difficulty it would be pro difficulty this difficulty would be really hard you will take longer to break wood with your fist grass,dirt,mycelium,podzol,coarse dirt and all types of wood and leaves will summon bees that are angered when these blocks get mined all tools and armour will have a random amount of durability usage when crafted if you stay in snow biomes for too long you get poision and a message saying you have a cold this happens if you have no armour armour heavier than leather slow you down also you stay on fire forever when set on fire unless you get in water and everywhere you walk while on fire will spread the fire and fire doesn't randomly extinguish sometimes you can eat raw food in minecraft and nothing happens but in this difficulty eating raw food gives you poision II for 1 minute and nausea for 30 seconds also poision is now lethal now what about mobs? well all undead mobs now have full netherite armour also zombies and wither skeletons have netherite swords and have 30% chance for it to have sharpness V and 20% to get fire aspect II it is 5% for both also piglins now only have a 3% chance to fall for the gold and those with swords have sharpness IV piglins with crossbows have quick charge III this also applies to pillagers and speaking of pillagers they have multishot crossbows so it is even harder to dodge also pillager towers have ravagers protecting the tower from all sides next we go to skeletons skeletons have decaying tipped arrows which gives you wither and arrows can easily break shields and sometimes they are skeleton horse jockies also should i mention pigs turn into hoglins when close and chickens are now jockies also zombies poision you when they damage you should i mention enderman are very fast runners now and when killed endermite spawn and enderman don't attack endermites anymore also there are no iron golem in villages and villagers are replaced with vindicators and pillagers and the mayor villager is replaced with an evoker also have fun trying to get blaze rods cause when the blaze shoots fireballs it will become lava on impact also ghasts are invisible and fire charges will instantly explode if you try to knock it back with a sword or shooting an arrow also when you are holding a bow or crossbow all enemies are invisible and if they are enchanted you get blindess 100 also lava buckets,blaze rods and blaze powder will set you on fire when in your inventory and hotbar I never heard of swimming away from lava so when in lava you get slowness 100 forever so you are stuck in the lava also did i forget creepers are faster and always charged and instantly explode? Well did i forget that now they breath fire? also have fun fighting the wither as a skeleton is now riding it and the wither shoots faster and the explosion has a cloud of poison trying to get enderpearls from bartering with piglins? well piglins don't barter with the player anymore also the zombified piglins have double swords and also have thorns armour and have a 10% chance to insta kill you also i forgot to mention that skeletons have projectile protection armour and wither skeletons have blast protection armour all slimes now slide along the floor and are always big magma cubes will throw tnt at you and all stones are infested also sometimes you might not get a drop furnaces are really slow you might want to use a blast furnace instead holding certain items will cause you to be really slow and i noticed mushroom stew has a red mushroom in the crafting recipe and red mushrooms are usually dangerous so eating mushroom stew has a 50% chance to poison you and walking through a planted red mushroom poisons you now strongholds well now instead of silverfish it spawns blazes but what about spiders? well spiders are really fast,they spawn cave spiders and make cobwebs everywhere they step also beds will poison you when nearby now we need to see the end so the crystals... when you destroy a crystal it spawns another ender dragon also ender dragons spawn phantoms so what about end cities well shulker projectiles levitate you longer and sometimes poision you have fun with that

  • William Brown
    William Brown

    Same fundy I only got 2 friends

  • Mr. alt
    Mr. alt

    no u

  • Habib Hasan
    Habib Hasan

    when your stuck in the end make the neter portl then enter it then get out of it

  • Bart Bronsema
    Bart Bronsema


  • Beckett Jeffery
    Beckett Jeffery

    ok now here's the REAL question, what is worse, this gamemode, or RLCraft? (tbh i think they are both the worst)

  • TRimm m-cl
    TRimm m-cl

    Please make a tutorial on how to code this

  • Arka Prabho Nath
    Arka Prabho Nath

    SB737 beated minecraft in this difficulty

  • Emily Offenhauser
    Emily Offenhauser

    Hey, I’m watching this at 3 am 🙃

  • acoustique

    this video included a bunch of IFS in the programing I can tell and it terrifies me

  • Payton Lawless
    Payton Lawless

    Some body beat this already

  • Thinktreez Ismyname
    Thinktreez Ismyname


  • Wyatt Krieg
    Wyatt Krieg

    whos here after being in mrbeasts live stage on discord

  • jacob milne
    jacob milne

    did anyone know that the BG-chatr sb737 beat the mode

  • Octopus

    What a ripoff

  • Octopus

    Everytime I try to download the mod it shows up cozmo

  • Caspian Zhang
    Caspian Zhang

    You forgot to make creepers charged

  • Xeron

    me: *exists* fundy: not anymore

  • Holden Tremaine
    Holden Tremaine

    At least you can't drown, that is a plus.

  • Eric GN
    Eric GN

    Oh i play this 10 time alredy

  • Cameron Buell
    Cameron Buell

    I think the striped jungle wood looks good

  • ♧︎ 𝑠𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑎𝑒 ♧︎
    ♧︎ 𝑠𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑎𝑒 ♧︎

    “Alright, but lets say you’re a pro gamer- *AAAAAÆÛGH”*

  • Kitten_Sweaters :D
    Kitten_Sweaters :D

    “Every single block u place now has a random chance to be miss placed” me just trying to make windows with my new glass: **cries** Edit: I just realized how hard it would be to make windows with this. The sand will explode, the furnace will take sooo long, and then the glass just goes in the wrong place

  • kashia yets
    kashia yets

    Me: this is gonna be fun Me again: *after making a mod that’s the same* THIS IS ACTUALLY 100% CURSED Me again: wait what if I make this hardcore and put it on cursed to Me again: hey bro try this it’s impossible My bro: ok this will be easy it’s just Minecraft Me: just don’t say I didn’t warn ya My bro: actually yes your right this is impossible

  • Mrbeatlejuice

    "it will teleport you to an area within 1500 blocks". Me: nah man that's just old bedrock

  • sri valli
    sri valli

    If you do this in hardcore

  • z

    imagane 1.18 with this mod

  • Nathan Vimukthi
    Nathan Vimukthi

    Is there a android mod

  • shrdw

    Make it so when you touch tall grass it makes you watch the entire tall girl movie.

  • DJOHN 360
    DJOHN 360

    That is I call the Impossible difficulty

  • Chloe Van Minnen - EIS Grade 4
    Chloe Van Minnen - EIS Grade 4

    does anyone have mincraft multi? if yes tell me ur name and ill add you

  • legit cake
    legit cake

    *where is the link to the cat texture pack*




    Imagine dying by jumping O-O

  • Hudson Smith
    Hudson Smith


  • Emma Wiid
    Emma Wiid

    I can

  • Bearman Central
    Bearman Central

    I found a way to beat the game and enter the portal after the dragon Just use an ender pearl

  • Luca Destroyers
    Luca Destroyers

    I meant this gamemode

  • Lukas Rainbow
    Lukas Rainbow

    I don‘t like that he ends with 68 Levels. Cmon Minecraft just a few more XP Orbs!

  • xx~ItzAlexaPlayz~xx

    8:15 What if I spawn on a mountain....

  • Lydeeya Fellows
    Lydeeya Fellows

    This is annoying difficulty


    SB737 beated this difficulty

  • Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen

    pay them 5k its imposable and give them 1 life

  • Zach Mitchell
    Zach Mitchell

    i am shocked that sb737 beat it also it took him few days to beat it

  • Alex Rojas
    Alex Rojas

    You sneeze when you touch the flower

  • Jackson King
    Jackson King

    I can do it

  • Justine

    Just use a ender pearl

  • niclas galbavy
    niclas galbavy

    Bruh it sould be more money

  • Jewel M
    Jewel M

    Funny hates us


    That is so hard!😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄

  • Sarah Zidaru
    Sarah Zidaru

    also if a ghast hits your portal you cant re light it

  • Dillon McHugh
    Dillon McHugh

    We’re the link?

  • Superpoopcoop22

    Wad Zee and hardcore players LOOKOUT.

  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz

    has anyone beat it yet?

  • iLikeDragons

    This is the worst mode ever sarcastiK*

  • iLikeDragons

    Animal abuse is forbiden in this eeeeeh....-.-map* witch (witch?🧙‍♀️witch!lol) is pretty nice lol

  • Imran Hossain
    Imran Hossain

    This video is bad

  • Tishan Yoganathan
    Tishan Yoganathan

    i cant beat easy

  • Alexander Mains
    Alexander Mains

    I have never seen someone get pulled by the sun when they go to hi up

  • Fundy

    Can I be your friend?

  • Bader Ali Alqallaf
    Bader Ali Alqallaf

    13:32 funny cat 😳

  • Bader Ali Alqallaf
    Bader Ali Alqallaf

    13;32 funny cat

  • dfrules

    Lol at 1:38 right when it exploded my internet cut out

  • Rainy_bear


  • Donna Faye Lagao
    Donna Faye Lagao

    Make a kill difficulty so if you run you dir fast

  • KalleKiwi


  • Deva_MedWin


  • Noah_Playz


  • Riccardo Ragazzo
    Riccardo Ragazzo

    Just throw an ender pearl into the portal

  • Foxy- 101
    Foxy- 101

    I would love to try this.

  • Lemon Man
    Lemon Man

    Anyone:joins Minecraft |fundy: no stop you can’t join you’ll take damage and tnt is leaves and red stone blocks

  • xXjames PlayzXx
    xXjames PlayzXx

    1:05 so close to christiantiy

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis

    The rampant thailand ganguly paste because ghost grossly clean amid a cut swordfish. labored, adhesive organisation

  • Selvet İstop
    Selvet İstop

    Dude Frag is looking terrible but Fundy say perfect and after I download the game and {¿}

  • tris1110 tris1110
    tris1110 tris1110


  • the alien
    the alien

    i hate you if mojang gonna do this dificulty in the game

  • Јелена Борисевић
    Јелена Борисевић

    your sponsor is just Brawl Stars on a computer+Clash Royale parts

  • Chill Boy
    Chill Boy

    Dream should play this

  • Leonardo Deluna
    Leonardo Deluna

    I beating that Minecraft games and I beating it with only diamonds

  • Kumar Rajeev Ranjan
    Kumar Rajeev Ranjan

    unknown weird sound 5:18

  • ChristopherSavage 21
    ChristopherSavage 21

    I thought of the worst difficulty Everything in Cursed mode Nether Portals break when you enter them You have max 1 hp Mobs have knockback 5 You have a random chance every minute to lose all your items or die

  • Mario Sumabong
    Mario Sumabong

    How is this My FaUlT If I'm NeW tO yOuR ChAnNeL hUh

  • Hoang son Nguyen phan
    Hoang son Nguyen phan

    Suddenly SB came

  • Jodie Kenzig
    Jodie Kenzig

    PLEASE STOP BECAUSE THIS BEFORE YOU GET THE TEAM OF MOGANG GAVER AND BEDROCK verging OF MINECRAFT TOO TRIE AND You s them and they can’t do it what then???????????????????????????????.

    • Kunai AMV
      Kunai AMV


  • Luna_Snøwflake

    If I played this "cursed" difficulty, I would already died after 1 second passed

  • Bertus Wiesemann
    Bertus Wiesemann

    More money probably 10,00

  • Amr Ibn Munir
    Amr Ibn Munir

    He well make cursed+

  • Amr Ibn Munir
    Amr Ibn Munir

    And then

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    Alternate Title : Furry Satan Turns Minecraft Into His Home Town, The Final Chapter

  • Damniel Marquez
    Damniel Marquez

    My eyes

  • Uhhhh random person, I guess?
    Uhhhh random person, I guess?

    i got a piece of gum to cover my nose... help me

  • Nicco Dearmin Borges
    Nicco Dearmin Borges

    Lucky difficulty


    Hey funds.does it count if I just beat the enderdragon and enter the imposible portat

  • Dev_xx

    I'm still gonna try to beat it. Even if the offer still isn't there.

  • floppa cat
    floppa cat

    Do extra cursed difficulty

  • Yes.

    Plz make a so fockin easy difficulty and u literally just say take me to the end Then u say kill da dragon then u say thx and u get so much materials and things

  • Evlin Rose
    Evlin Rose

    Fundy I think you have a problem.

  • Kenji Lechuga
    Kenji Lechuga

    Should have made it so water turns into lava

  • Marley206

    This should be the nightmare difficulty

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