So I mixed every Minecraft Food Item Together... (Cursed)
So I thought combining almost every single food item in Minecraft was a good idea. Boy was I wrong... all the innocent lives...
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  • Skarix

    Ad for the Salmuttotabreabbitlechochicarrochopotatie Pie Cake:

    • NASA Potato
      NASA Potato

      I can tel this is Rick roll I know every single rickrolll link I’m just kidding I saw your vid a remember it

    • Nate is Dum
      Nate is Dum

      @Galactic Jumpscares so did I that’s why I went to the comments lol

    • Prisli Prisli
      Prisli Prisli

      @Galactic Jumpscares cc C¤¤"""

    • LittleFroggy

      Yeah I though we were getting Rick rolled

    • Casual Villainy
      Casual Villainy


  • Aleena Devinta
    Aleena Devinta

    Damn my this was my firstly video i watched in this channel and the first dream smp member i subscribed

  • The SpeedrunnerJose
    The SpeedrunnerJose


  • The SpeedrunnerJose
    The SpeedrunnerJose

    This is cursed

  • Aayan Shaikh
    Aayan Shaikh

    You could stop techno blowing up L’manberg with the thing at the end.

  • Aiden Castillo
    Aiden Castillo

    Achievement Unlocked: Bad Ending

  • Jayda Blackburn
    Jayda Blackburn

    Fundy: reads that it’s gonna kill anybody Also Fundy: *I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.*

  • Baseballgod playz
    Baseballgod playz

    My friend: what’s your favourite food? Me: *_its complicated_*

  • Record Gaming
    Record Gaming

    2:45 My sister when she tries to pronounce "strawberry"

  • Cooper Duke
    Cooper Duke

    Plot twist: this is what Jschlatt ate when he died of a heart attack

  • S1

    5:29 Fundy: *laughs maniacally*

  • Lewis 753
    Lewis 753

    4:43. Just a few eggs then! Lol

  • Meme culture
    Meme culture

    u just made a heart attack with extra steps

  • DaniDeFloof

    Hey there are tons of pies like that in Chernobyl you should check that out

  • that filming dude
    that filming dude

    He didn't use the golden apple

  • loopyfruitboop

    try making it in real life

  • Sans But In SPACE
    Sans But In SPACE

    "Salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie Pie Cake" Say that five times fast

  • Ce's art
    Ce's art

    Nobody: Me in first grade trying to look smart:

  • Nelu Gavrau
    Nelu Gavrau

    Captions be like: some mutata brevital Kochi Kara shop potato pie cake

  • -{Shadow _Reaper}-
    -{Shadow _Reaper}-

    3:38 you sound chinese a little.

  • Glitch Berry
    Glitch Berry

    1:50 captions:Step uncle of a choppy pie

  • Sıkıntı Çöplüğü
    Sıkıntı Çöplüğü

    Can u mix Salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie Pie Cake and Salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie Pie Cake?

  • Lian

    WOW SO COOL 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Miewwcubing

    Me: hey little sister what ya doing there My little sister: making food on toca boca The food on toca boca:

  • Miewwcubing

    People with dyslexia

  • Suspicious Stew
    Suspicious Stew

    Alternate Title: Fundy doing tounge twisters

  • Landon Koprowski
    Landon Koprowski

    What about the stews?

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee

    Mr. Fundy why

  • ItsGamerMaddie

    "HAHAHAHA.... NO FUCKING WAY....." Me: i liek that ending

  • •Sleepy TᗝᔕTᙓᖇ
    •Sleepy TᗝᔕTᙓᖇ

    Of so this is 80hd for trying to pronounce it

  • Red Led
    Red Led

    someone help me out, what texture pack is he using (edit: the items)

  • a weird word approved
    a weird word approved

    Ok i have no idea why is this the most viewed vid on you channle but i willl admit idc

  • davi romano
    davi romano

    5:30 Cave sound

  • Rekt Bob
    Rekt Bob

    Did you forget about the sweet berries, golden apple and notch apple?

  • Ana Rotar
    Ana Rotar

    Wow I-...The salmulttotabreabitlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake has alot of ingredients.

  • Aiden Beckham
    Aiden Beckham

    3:26 3 year old me when my teacher asks me to pronounce “dog”

  • Elrohir

    How many demons have you summoned by pronouncing those names?

  • Malika van den Beld
    Malika van den Beld

    He forgot the stews

  • MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe
    MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe

    5:36 pase la receta tal ves me sirva para una persona :D

  • MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe
    MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe

    Io a mis cinco años intentando preparar mi comida y agregandole cualkier kosa k se me ocurra

  • MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe
    MaRy _hOlA_Que_hACe

    No se ingles pero me gusta ver los videos eh xD

  • Selvarani Kannappan
    Selvarani Kannappan


  • decorus 83
    decorus 83

    This was the first video that i watch and then I subscribed

  • KayJay _DasherGaming
    KayJay _DasherGaming

    Watching this in 2021 pog

  • Gabriel Fuhr
    Gabriel Fuhr

    salmuttotabreabittlecochicarrocopotatie is now part of my personal dictionary for Grammarly.

  • James walker
    James walker


  • JailBreakerr

    U forgot zombie flesh.

  • FrankiePEQ

    That Salmuttotabreabbitlechochicarrochopotatie Pie Cake looks G R E A T .

  • Emily Renee
    Emily Renee

    xD poor animals

  • Clumsy_Clover

    Salmuttottabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake, Delispus😋

  • daora legao
    daora legao


  • luigi13

    I want this in minecraft mod pls

  • TheRealBlither

    Salmuttotabbitlecochicarrochopotatiepiecak It kills anyone who eats it.

  • Obama TheLlama
    Obama TheLlama

    Shawti 😩.

  • Nyaa-chan

    Your cooking is amazing 😂

  • The oof god
    The oof god

    How do you download that texture pack

  • Kallie Snow
    Kallie Snow

    What if you just add steak... Just alot of steak... Just stacks and stacks of steak.. Just billions and billions of stacks of steak...

  • Alphons Molder te
    Alphons Molder te

    My favourites are the Steakcochicarrochop and all before it!!!!

  • Chloe Li
    Chloe Li

    is it me or did u swear at 7:15

  • Person with 2 Brain cells
    Person with 2 Brain cells

    Fundy forgot one thing.. chorus fruit

  • ThatBumbleBleh

    is no one gonna say ranboo tried to make a cake that can kill god

  • Oliver Fennings
    Oliver Fennings

    Imagine that your food tastes so bad that you die from it, makes gangster granny's cabbage soup look pathetic

  • Somebody

    "Cat didnt die from heart attack"

  • Natascha Gajadhar
    Natascha Gajadhar

    dream is tres

  • 3DDIT


  • Natascha Gajadhar
    Natascha Gajadhar


  • freddy the noob king
    freddy the noob king

    *Its glowing*

  • freddy the noob king
    freddy the noob king


  • K.G.B. Operative R K T
    K.G.B. Operative R K T

    This man probably summoned so many demons during this video...

  • Lily Llama
    Lily Llama

    Ok i have officially memorized "salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake," its now my new favorite insult lmaooo 😂

  • Emilee Bowling
    Emilee Bowling

    I love some salmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotatie pie cake YUM

  • Mason Crumrine
    Mason Crumrine

    There’s no buns

  • Shane Grenz
    Shane Grenz

    4:33 god knows what u doing

  • TheDangk


  • Gator Bean
    Gator Bean

    ah.. nothing like a fine, delicous, sweet Salmotabreabbitlecochicarrochopie pie.

  • I feel Stupid
    I feel Stupid

    Use the "bread" to beat minecraft

  • Kelly Cornelisse
    Kelly Cornelisse

    he made the pikachuclefairycharmanderbulbasaursquirtlemeowthmewcharizardbowserkirby as a food its strong enough to kill literally anything even a witherstorm

  • ꧁l:lAmy XDl:l꧂
    ꧁l:lAmy XDl:l꧂

    I want fundy to make this in real life 🤣🤣🤣

  • •Werewolf_Glitch :D•
    •Werewolf_Glitch :D•


  • Noah Feinstein
    Noah Feinstein

    This is the first video I watched on youtube

  • Peyton Neyra
    Peyton Neyra

    Steakchop (St a k ch aw p) Noun: *a combination of a pork chop and a steak* Verb: *a action of cutting a steak in half* Adj: *fundy*

  • Bryan Medeiros
    Bryan Medeiros


  • AZ the king
    AZ the king

    Add a Book ans quill and This is how ryuk made the death note

  • Blue Hornets
    Blue Hornets

    It sounds like hes trying to learn a new language With dyslexia And nausea And the sun shining directly on the screen While wearing sunglasses

  • Dominic Hewitt-Burt
    Dominic Hewitt-Burt

    Rise of the salmuttabreabitlechocariopotatie

  • AnGy SpRiNgY!
    AnGy SpRiNgY!

    POV: you reading this in around the middle of the video.

  • Gryeil Master
    Gryeil Master

    Can you eat it in creative mode

  • J Skits
    J Skits

    Fundy’s a furry Fundy the furry

  • Γιάννης Πολυχρόνης
    Γιάννης Πολυχρόνης

    It all started with a cow and a pig

  • AGH Demon
    AGH Demon

    He forgot about melon slice

  • Dawn Davis
    Dawn Davis

    i think this was the first fundy video I watched, that was a long time ago

  • Markoplayz

    fundys 1st words are its

  • Damian D'Hooghe
    Damian D'Hooghe

    steakcochicarrochop sounds like a type of dinosaur

  • BadBonesBoy

    Fun fact: this was the first video I watched from fundy Fun fact, the second coming: this was my first time seeing a cursed minecraft video.

  • Cora Vaigl
    Cora Vaigl

    By the end it is like the longest word in a foreign language . DISCUSTANG

  • Emma Graetz
    Emma Graetz

    Is it just me or is anyone watching this in 2021

  • Random Stickman
    Random Stickman

    Steak + Porkchop = Yum!

  • Rebecca Penglase
    Rebecca Penglase


  • ClearlyNoahLol

    Alternite Title: Fundy Trying to prounounce stupidly long words

  • Indominus Rex Games
    Indominus Rex Games

    Fundy: I think that’s done or can we go further stbrittleackickarachoppie pie me: fundy your a madman!

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