When a Programmer changes Minecraft's sounds...
So I changed Minecraft's source code, to completely ruin the way audio works. Changing the sounds was a nightmare, and listening was even worse.
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Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...

  • Doggo

    make a noise repeat itself to make among drip music

  • TheCrazy Gamer
    TheCrazy Gamer

    How about it takes a random short sound from the internet!

  • Chocolate Button Head
    Chocolate Button Head

    Mozart and Beethoven have been real quite since this 5:09

  • Elizabeth Northup
    Elizabeth Northup

    6:38 spooky INTENSIFIES

  • Jake Brodeur
    Jake Brodeur


  • Jake Brodeur
    Jake Brodeur


  • our4armybrats

    Alright, who put the fox on drugs

  • Rachel Holt
    Rachel Holt

    fundy: i dont even have my music on! Also fundy: * changes master volume and music is at 100% *

  • EnderFive GaminK
    EnderFive GaminK

    deaf people wouldn't mind

  • Andrzej Kołodziejczyk
    Andrzej Kołodziejczyk

    U Fundy in the beggining don't sound like him

  • Peter Remington
    Peter Remington

    6:04 Minecraft but you have schizophrenia

  • Cat Io
    Cat Io


  • Seth Hendrix
    Seth Hendrix

    I study music theory and all the sounds triggered me so bad that they were out of sync. Still a great video tho

  • MrBeast ︎
    MrBeast ︎

    Hi Fundy

  • Thepostnight

    Why did it tag the netherlands

  • Danielle

    The ender dragon part was legit

  • sequelz&editz

    when a sound effect maker and a musician (aka. me) sees this: this is like sticking my head in a blender it's actually pretty funny tho good job fundy

  • Lukepar3 Gaming
    Lukepar3 Gaming

    6:54 beginning of the Reverse-Flash theme?

  • •Nxtter_Bxtter•

    Fundy has always been iconic, he’s gone a long ways and I think that’s pretty damn awesome. He deserves every bit of it

  • wahvie

    6:45 Me singing while bouncing my leg

  • Wesley Zimmerman
    Wesley Zimmerman

    7:42 kill me please

  • GabiMusolino

    Him: I don't even have music on His music volume: 100%

  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz

    random sound plays every time a sound plays instead of the actual sound?

  • Kara Hodges
    Kara Hodges

    ok, but like, minecraft BUT with NO sounds?

  • Rocky has sea monkeys
    Rocky has sea monkeys

    "lets not-" My new favorite quote. Change my mind.

  • Fundy

    Can I be your friend, Fundy?

  • BPFQ Cort
    BPFQ Cort

    1:51 *fundy played sans on accident*

  • realyhappyone

    combine sounds with funny textures

  • youngjo choi
    youngjo choi

    Why when i hear the piston with the noteblocks

    • youngjo choi
      youngjo choi

      I hear lollipops lollipops lollipops lollipops

  • Eryk Latawiec
    Eryk Latawiec

    No one: There is no punchline

  • TheUmbreonfan03

    3:58 Almost sounded like a beat there.

  • memes1554

    1:09 7 year old me when I learned what tnt was:

  • DudeMusic

    I pooped my pants

  • Rany Saba
    Rany Saba

    my idea for a vid: UNBEATABLE difficulty: u hav haf a hart at ol time

  • Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD
    Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD

    this sounds like my minecraft bcuz it runs at like 6-10 fps XD

  • KQ

    It reminds me of some weird thing that happened on Nickelodeon in my country few years ago, circa 2014 or 2015. They accidentally aired the episode of iCarly with very delayed audio, it even played over ads!

  • Luke Whitehead
    Luke Whitehead

    It is just lag

  • Tom Hastie
    Tom Hastie

    Sam & Eddie

  • Minegaming LP
    Minegaming LP

    I too like to use my washing machine as my speakers.

  • Nolan Nank
    Nolan Nank

    1:50 megalovania

  • Gabriella Roush
    Gabriella Roush

    4:11 how the asmr be on my reccomended

  • Cryptic Fyre
    Cryptic Fyre

    jokes on you, i play minecraft without audio

  • DoctorGrassspryt

    This video gave me a headache

  • Mimly Jimly
    Mimly Jimly

    7:45 is what a panic attack sounds like

  • chris Seby
    chris Seby

    Mans aim is better than dream 7:13

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    1:32 “this is bad” NO ITS GREAT AHAHAHAHAJA

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  • Tates Estrella-Cannon
    Tates Estrella-Cannon


  • Sunny Li
    Sunny Li

    4:32 casually a piece of modern music

  • Azmi Alwerfalli
    Azmi Alwerfalli

    This video should be on dark web

  • Carlahuset_yt

    ITS SANS at 1:51

  • Shibe Police Officer
    Shibe Police Officer

    Nether portal: “hey guys dont worry i have a saw”

  • Black Tight11
    Black Tight11

    So notebooks now have Warly's voice from DST... I'm terrified

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    Where is the link?

  • Pineapple

    dont say God's name in vane or when you are doing something bad or to insult him

  • Hungary nens
    Hungary nens

    0:57 sounds like a beat

  • [zoohoo]

    My ADHD could never😫🤚

  • carla adasme
    carla adasme

    Fundy: alterates all Minecraft’s codes Minecraft: *crushes* Fundy: *confused*

  • alldoben10 playz
    alldoben10 playz

    4:57 Ummm that song seems fimiliar its like a theme of minecraft which song is this

  • Gamer 001
    Gamer 001

    0:39 sounds like Megalovania O.O

  • Gaming Reaper
    Gaming Reaper

    Was that undertale?

  • Sheffield No. 14 Productions
    Sheffield No. 14 Productions

    Me hearing fundy say steam locomotive: happiness

  • Brevort

    so why are you playing in 1.12?

  • Mete

    1:12 when you realize his gpu is gtx 1070 and not rtx 2080+

  • X3Ninja

    He made it sound like some roblox games:P


    make to where every sound is rick astleys never gonna give you up

  • pro boy parth
    pro boy parth

    Minecraft is spell wrong

  • gaming nathan By aameshy
    gaming nathan By aameshy

    Ich wenn ich meine Kopfhörer aufsetzt

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron

    5:55 somehow this made my nose hurt

  • SuperMarioGolden64

    2:11 wheres fundy thats alex

  • Богдан Шкільний
    Богдан Шкільний

    imagine dynamic surrounding with that

  • Foxer Fright
    Foxer Fright

    Pov: You use bluetooth headphones

  • xZyvon

    7:41 *The Caretaker would like to know your location*

  • Raphenge Gamble
    Raphenge Gamble

    oh hi


    When he went on 1.12 I thought he was going to go on 2b2t

  • Chickenify


  • EZS:po op:SZE
    EZS:po op:SZE

    i cant just understand why undertale is a REALLY popular fandom, but in a good way :)

  • McKenna is a person
    McKenna is a person

    “Audio is a big part of Minecraft” Me who plays without sound on: 👁👄👁


    I somehow have never seen your channel before and I think you've been on for quite a bit of years now keep up the content dude and good luck

  • Eevee lmao
    Eevee lmao

    4:50 S T O L L

  • Alied van den Berg
    Alied van den Berg

    fundy how can you code minecraft?

  • Big Chungusus
    Big Chungusus

    4:50 C418 - stal

  • More Tigerclaw The Gamer
    More Tigerclaw The Gamer

    7:56 Fundy: I don't even have my music on! Me: you litterly do have it at 100%. that's master volume

  • ylelazeB fesoY
    ylelazeB fesoY

    6:28 It seems ther are having and EXPLOSIVE conversation

  • The SpeedrunnerJose
    The SpeedrunnerJose

    Make them distorted

  • Brendan Schuett
    Brendan Schuett


  • jk

    7:55 Additional stuff indeed

  • Omar Khalid
    Omar Khalid


  • Tereza kislingerová
    Tereza kislingerová

    4:49 that sound is litelary creppy xd

  • TigerBlackhole

    M E G A L O V A N I A

  • SonicMaster 519
    SonicMaster 519

    1:51 Megalovania

  • kraze amaze dayz
    kraze amaze dayz

    today is the one year anniversary of this video

  • Daniel Bronsema
    Daniel Bronsema

    damn excactly 1 year ago

  • VivPie


  • Dilwara Begum
    Dilwara Begum

    4:25 it's better than ASMR

  • veronica

    my ears

  • Ashton Faith
    Ashton Faith

    I kinda sounds like failed asmr

    • Ashton Faith
      Ashton Faith


  • KaneGoDa007 !!!
    KaneGoDa007 !!!


  • DAC Gamer
    DAC Gamer

    i saw the outro at this time when scrolling back in the video what the heck 2:56

  • someone

    fundy: so anyways i started changing the minecraft sounds